UFC 139 Results: Stephan Bonnar vs. Rampage Jackson, Head-to-Toe Breakdown

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIINovember 21, 2011

UFC 139 Results: Stephan Bonnar vs. Rampage Jackson, Head-to-Toe Breakdown

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    At UFC 139, Stephan Bonnar earned his third straight victory with a lopsided decision over Kyle Kingsbury.

    After the match, Bonnar called out former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

    Dana White revealed that Jackson texted him saying it was a fight he’d want as well.

    This bout has the potential to be one of the best scraps in recent UFC memory.

    Here’s a breakdown of the fight. 


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    Rampage’s bread and butter is his boxing.

    Although he has other tools in his game, he would prefer to keep the fight standing and try to knock out his opponent.

    Bonnar is a guy who can also stand and brawl.

    Bonnar would have the edge when it comes to diversity in striking, but Rampage has a lot more power and has knocked out some of MMA's greatest fighters, including Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva.


    Advantage: Jackson

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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    This one’s a no-brainer.

    Bonnar is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has a pretty underrated ground game.

    Jackson, on the other hand, never goes for a submission.

    Although he has some pretty good defense on the ground, Jackson prefers to keep the fight standing.


    Advantage: Bonnar


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    Rampage is one of the strongest fighters in the light heavyweight division.

    Earlier in his career, Jackson was known for his powerful slams, and he still remains one of the toughest guys to take down.

    Although it’s hard to call Bonnar a weak guy, his strength is not at the same level as Jackson.


    Advantage: Jackson


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    This is a hard one to call.

    Both Bonnar and Jackson are two of the toughest guys in MMA history.

    Bonnar is almost always a bloody mess after his fights and never backs down from anybody.

    Jackson is one of the hardest guys to stop in the UFC and is never afraid to stand with anyone.

    The slight edge goes to Bonnar, though.

    He’s never tapped in a fight and his only TKO losses have come because of cuts.


    Advantage: Bonnar


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    Both Jackson and Bonnar are two guys that are hard to stop and keep down.

    Jackson is one of the best guys at stuffing takedowns in MMA history.

    Although both guys can take some shots, Bonnar always looks like he could be the loser of a fight thanks to being battered and bloody. 


    Advantage: Jackson

And the Winner Is...

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    This fight should be a good brawl.

    Whether it lasts a minute or goes the full distance, it should be great to watch.

    Although Jackson has become pretty one-dimensional over the years, he is still one of the best light heavyweights in MMA today.

    If the fight takes place in Japan, it will give Jackson extra motivation, as he was a major star in Japan’s Pride FC earlier in his career.

    Bonnar is tough, but he has never defeated a fighter at the level of Jackson. 


    Winner: Jackson by decision


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