UFC on FOX: 5 Questions We Have About Cain Velasquez

Adam OsterkampContributor IIINovember 13, 2011

After Cain Velasquez's loss to Junior dos Santos tonight, people have been asking tons of questions about Velasquez's ability, health and future.

The fight had hardly started when dos Santos caught Velasquez with a huge hit right to the temple. Junior followed Velasquez to the ground where he continued to pound on his opponent until the fight was stopped.

So after such a devastating loss, what are some of the big questions we’re all asking about the former UFC heavyweight champ?



Was Cain Hurt Going Into The Fight?


There has been lots of talk that Velasquez was hurt going into his fight with dos Santos. In a post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani, UFC commentator Joe Rogan said that he knew for a fact Velasquez had received a shot of cortisone in his knee.

Velasquez also weighed in about ten pounds over what he normally weighs in at.

If Cain was hurt, how much of a role did it play in his preparation for the fight or during the fight? It may take a while for the answers to emerge, but hopefully they’ll help paint a better picture for us all.



When Will Velasquez Fight Next?


If Cain was hurt going into this fight, how long will it be before he fights again? And did he hurt himself further during the fight?

Velasquez spent a lot of time outside of the octagon after his fight with Brock Lesnar due to a shoulder injury.

If ring rust played a role in this fight, it’d be very important for Velasquez to get back in against an opponent ASAP.



Why Didn’t Velasquez Wrestle dos Santos?

Dana White was the first one to pose this question on Fox immediately following Cain’s loss, but people are sure to continue asking it.

Velasquez was standing right in front of dos Santos when he got tagged. Why didn’t he try to outwrestle dos Santos and gas him out?

If there’s one thing Cain’s known for, it’s having some of the most ridiculous cardio in the heavyweight division. It seems like it would have been a much smarter move to have wrestled a bit at first, so why didn’t Cain do that?



Will Cain Ever Wear UFC Gold Again?

UFC fans are notoriously quick to change their fighter loyalties. After such a quick loss, there will no doubt be claims that Velasquez is now overrated from many fight fans.

In his post-fight interview, Velasquez claimed he would hold the belt again, but we’ve seen too many fighters fall into obscurity after their first devastating loss to know anything for sure.



Who Will Velasquez Fight Next?


Whether or not Velasquez is the fighter that everyone has made him out to be aside, he’s always put on great fights.

If Lesnar loses to Overeem, could we perhaps see Velasquez vs. Lesnar two? How exciting would that be?!

Or what would a matchup between Overeem and Velasquez look like? And how many fights would Velasquez need to win before he gets his next shot at the title?



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