UFC on FOX: Will There Ever Be a Dominant UFC Heavyweight Champion?

Adam OsterkampContributor IIINovember 13, 2011

In his first ever title defense, Cain Velasquez lost his heavyweight championship title to Junior dos Santos just 1:04 into the first round.

Since the beginning of the UFC, the heavyweight crown has always been one of the most heavily contested, and hardest to hold on to, titles in the organization.

Velasquez did in fact hold the title for 385 days, but he only defended it once, and unfortunately in his first title defense he came up short.

There are a number of former heavyweight champions who have had the belt, but only a few have successfully defended the belt more than once.

It is without a doubt the hardest belt to defend within the UFC.

So will there ever be a dominant UFC heavyweight champion? Absolutely! MMA and the UFC are both still very young, and thinking there will never be one is ridiculous.

So far the most successful belt holder inside of the UFC is the middleweight, Anderson Silva. He has successfully defended his title nine times. It’s only a matter of time before a champion like Silva emerges in every weight class.

Georges St-Pierre is certainly that champion at welterweight, and perhaps Frankie Edgar will be that champion at lightweight, another highly contested weight class.

There has been lots of talk about Jon Jones moving up to heavyweight as he gets older and he absolutely stands a great chance of being a dominant champion in the division.

Junior dos Santos could even be that champion. He has showcased some incredible talent in his rise to the top and he made quick work of Velasquez.

So while the heavyweight title has changed hands quite a few times, a dominant champion will absolutely emerge as the sport matures. Someone just needs to figure out the puzzle.

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