UFC on FOX: Is Cain Velasquez Overrated?

Adam OsterkampContributor IIINovember 13, 2011

In one minute and four seconds, Cain Velasquez lost the heavyweight crown he had won in such dominant fashion over a year ago when he defeated Brock Lesnar. Now, Junior dos Santos is the new UFC heavyweight champion of the world.

There’s going to be a lot of people questioning the legitimacy of Velasquez after his less-than-stellar performance against dos Santos.

Cain has only had a total of nine fights, seven of which have been inside the UFC. It’s been quite a while since a lot of fight fans have seen him fight and the first time for many others.

So questioning Velasquez’s legitimacy at this point is fair, but he certainly isn’t overrated.

Cain’s rise to the title was quick—one of the quickest in UFC history and perhaps all of MMA history.

But when taking a closer look at Velasquez’s fight history, there are several big-name victories that all happened in dominant fashion.

There was Cheick Kongo, who gave Cain his biggest test up until dos Santos. Then there was Nogueira who fell to the impressive power in Cain’s fist.

And then there was, of course, Lesnar, who went running when he felt the power of Velasquez’s punch.

So no, Velasquez absolutely isn’t overrated, but he did get caught by one of the best boxers in MMA.

There are very few people who could have taken a shot like the one Cain took, and it wasn’t even the initial punch that put him away.

The fact of the matter is that dos Santos caught Cain with a solid punch. Not taking anything away from dos Santos, he’s got incredible boxing, and he was the better fighter tonight.

But like Cain said, he’ll be back, we can all be sure of that.

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