Bobby Pacquiao Is a Shadow Compared to His Brother Manny Pacquiao

Jake ShawCorrespondent IDecember 8, 2008

Over the years, we have seen brothers enter the sport together. It has happened for years and will continue to happen. Today, the Klitschko’s are the top two heavyweights in the world and the Marquez family have been given a lot to celebrate over the years by Rafael and Juan Manuel.

But, after watching Manny Pacquiao pick up another huge win this weekend, I couldn’t help but spare a thought for a much- malignant, forgotten sibling, Bobby Pacquiao. This weekend saw Manny demolish Oscar De La Hoya and solidify his position as the best fighter in the world. He was masterful and hardly put a foot wrong in handing "The Golden Boy" his second knockout loss and probably the worst beating of his career.

Manny is now a global megastar and demands multi-million dollar purses. But, just three weeks earlier, his brother Bobby lost a comprehensive decision to Robert Frankel in the HP Pavilion, California. That was the youngest of the Pacquiao’s 15th loss and eight of those have seen him get knocked out.

Bobby’s style is similar to his more successful big brother. For those of you who have never seen him fight, imagine Manny but with less speed, less power, less ability, and no killer left hook. What you get is Bobby Pacquiao. Bobby has actually beaten a few decent fighters, but he has been exposed far too many times against second, third, and even fourth tier fighters.

He’s won the WBC Continental Americas super featherweight title and the WBO Asia Pacific lightweight title, but it must be hard looking at his brother’s monumental achievements. A tinge of jealousy must surely exist. The smiles and hugs can’t hide its existent. It’s only natural for it to exist. Bobby must curse his genetics in comparison to his brothers.

And now with both men more than likely in their respective primes, the void in ability has become even clearer. Pacquiao is the best fighter in the world and has blazed a trail through five weight divisions, winning world title belts in four of them. Poor Bobby has lost four of his last six, including a demolition job inflicted by Humberto Soto, and of his two wins, one of them came against a 39-year old Kevin Kelley.

The other win was against Fernando Trejo, who was injured in the fourth, forcing a stoppage. If you need more proof, look at their knockout percentages. The uber-powerful Manny has finished 67.92 percent of his opponents early, where as Bobby only packs a measly 29.79 percent ratio. It’s more than clear that the powerful pressure which has catapulted Manny to the top is non-existent in Bobby’s arsenal.

The love between brothers maybe strong, but the envy is there. Bobby must know he will never reach the heights his big brother has. Hopefully, Bobby can put his pride first and not succumb to the jealousy. But please, for a second, spare a thought for Bobby, the Pac-Man who got caught by the ghosts far too often.