UFC 134 Results: Anderson Silva Proves He Is the Greatest of All Time

Michael MagoulisCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2011

Photo by Al Bello/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images
Photo by Al Bello/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Coming into UFC 134, Anderson Silva was considered to be one of the greatest fighters ever, but there was still some debate.

Was Fedor Emelianenko's run more impressive? Is Georges St-Pierre more dominant? Well, there's no debate anymore. Silva is clearly the best fighter to ever compete in mixed martial arts.

The fight was eerily similar to the Forrest Griffin fight. Yushin Okami, one of the top middleweights in the world, was not only dominated by the champ, but was afraid to throw a punch at "The Spider" even when his hands were at his sides.

As always, Silva started the fight slowly, calculating distance and understanding his opponent's reactions and strengths.

In the clinch, Okami found little success. He ate a knee before dropping down for an unsuccessful single-leg. Anderson then landed a head kick and another knee just as the round was ending.

Watching the fight, one could understand as soon as Anderson found his groove, it was going to be over. He picked up exactly where the first round ended and came out aggressive. This is the point where anyone rooting for Okami gets scared.

Silva puts his hands down at his sides and utilizes his Matrix-like, superhuman head movement to knock to avoid strikes and knock his opponent down. Watching this, it's easy to realize that this man, even at 36 years old, is untouchable. He is on such a higher level than the rest of his division, it's frightening.

Okami gets back to his feet and is afraid to throw a strike. He is afraid to move his hands from his face because he known Silva's precision will take advantage of any gap in his defense. "Thunder" seems completely helpless.

Silva knocks him down a second time and makes the decision to end the fight—something you get the impression he could do whenever he wants.

People claim his division is weak. That's not he case. He just makes it look that way. The quality of his opponents is unreal. From Chris Leben, to Rich Franklin, to Nate Marquardt, to Dan Henderson, to Forrest Griffin, to Demian Maia, Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort. What this man has done is unmatched in the sport.

Sure, St-Pierre has an impressive list of opponents, but he can't just decide to end the fight whenever he wants like Silva can. Yes, Emelianenko had an unbelievable win streak, but the quality of his opponents was no where near Silva's.

Silva has had 14 fights in the UFC and he has finished 12 of them—14-0 with nine title defenses and a couple of successful trips up to light heavyweight. The greatest fighter to ever live is competing right now and it's a good time to be a mixed martial arts fan.