Mid-Season Look: Who makes the Playoffs?

Thomas H.Correspondent INovember 14, 2008

As the season slowly comes into the final games, the people of B/R are wondering what the future of this season is. Don't worry everyone, I figured it out.


1. Tennessee Titans

Its hard for one not to see this team make it. It isn't just the 9-0 start, its the big games they have won, the lines they have, the running core that tops most teams and the quarterback who is somehow getting it done.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers

They win this close division because though they have had some tough loses, things have calmed down and they have had tough games. Oh, and have you seen the Ravens remaining schedule? It only includes two losing teams, Cincinnati and the Jaguars, who are only 4-5. The Steelers will make it.

3. New York Jets

Last nights win might have been the key to their run. Though Miami, Buffalo, and New England are all very close, New England is the only one with a solid chance. Chad Pennington has led the Dolphins well....but the wild card is going to get figured out. Buffalo won't hold up as it showed against New England last week. The Patriots still play against the Cardinals and Steelers. If they win two of those though, the Oakland and Seattle games will be a breeze.

4. Denver Broncos

This was a tough one. Both the Broncs and Chargers are hovering around .500, and both have some hard games left. A key game? These two teams match up in Week 17, and it just might decide who makes the playoffs. Still, the Chargers just came off a key win and Rivers is stepping. I still pick the Cutler-Marshall ticket though, who still get a game against the weak Kansas City and Oakland.


5. New England Patriots

They have some hard and easy games, and the mix comes in a good order. The hard games are both at home, and Cassel is really getting into a groove(400 yards against the Jets). The running game is currently nonexistent though, and the injuries haven't been kind. Still, they will come into this seed.

6. Indianapolis Colts

The only winning clubs left to play? The Titans, whom they play in the last week. The Colts have had key wins, including the Steelers comeback win. The teams left to play aren't very scary, and Manning, Wayne and Addai will walk back to the playoffs.


1. Carolina Panthers

They have a very strong schedule coming, but Jake Delhomme is looking like the 2003 version of himself. Plus, the Giants schedule includes all winning record teams, including multiple division games and the division leading Ravens and Cardinals.

2. New York Giants

The remaining schedule? All winning teams, that will give Tom Coughlin a GIANT headache. Remember though, they have been here, and with a higher spot in the playoff they have a good chance.

3. Arizona Cardinals

The remaining schedule? Doesn't really matter. They are so far ahead of the three 2-7 division amigos, that its pretty hard to go wrong. Kurt Warner? Don't be surprised if he wins the MVP race, or at least comeback player of the year. Matt Leinart? He is very good at sitting on the bench.

4. Minnesota Vikings

Maybe it is just because I have a soft spot for the squad, but with Adrian Peterson and a pretty solid D, this team has been rolling along. Green Bay and Chicago have a key clash on Sunday which might decide the whole thing, but for now I am picking the purple.


5. Washington Redskins

In the mighty NFC East, I would be amazed if someone doesn't make it out. The Skins wouldn't surprise me, with the mighty Zorn leading them onto the field, a good quarterback in Jason Campbell and a running back in Clinton Portis who is having a great year, they will make it.

6. Atlanta Falcons

That's right! I am picking them! I may be nuts, but Mike Smith is a coach who knows what he is doing, Michael Turner has been a breakout back and Matt Ryan will be the Rookie of the Year. If not, the leagues corrupt.


 Tennessee over New England, 34-27


New York Giants over Atlanta, 30-20

SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tennessee: 21

New York: 24

New York wins second straight


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