NFL Free Agency: Top 5 Best Fits for Plaxico Burress

Oliver VanDervoort@bovandyCorrespondent IJuly 30, 2011

NFL Free Agency: Top 5 Best Fits for Plaxico Burress

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    Despite having some questionable critical thinking skills, there is no question that Plaxico Burress does have a level of talent that will help whatever team he chooses to join.  As he makes the rounds, trying to decide which team he wants to be on and which team wants him there are five that would be perfect fits for the jail-bird receiver.

New York Giants

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    While the first reason that the Giants would be a good fit is obvious the fact that he is a former Giant isn't the only reason.  Eli Manning seems to desperately need a big time player in order to throw to in order to really put up big time numbers.  Without Burress Manning threw for over 4,000 yards and 31 TDs but he also threw 25 INTs.

    The Giants depth chart looks a little shaky at the wide receiver position without Plax anyway.  Hakeem Nicks is currently New York's WR1 and while he certainly improved from his rookie year in 2010, he still has some room to grow before he's a top notch number one receiver.

    Mario Manningham is an able receiver as well, but adding Plaxico as the third receiver in this trio could make the Giants offense explosive as any in the NFC.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Rumors have Plaxico talking to the Steelers and it is probably no coincidence that the two teams he is most rumored to be wanting to go to are his former teams.  Burress had arguably his best overall season in Pittsburgh and it makes sense that he'd want to return to restart his career.

    It makes sense for the Steelers to want him as well, since he would be a heck of a complimentary receiver for their offense.  While Mike Wallace is just starting to realize his career potential, Hines Ward is nearing the end of his (Hall of Fame?) run.  Burress could serve as a nice change of pace when Ward needs a blow.

Chicago Bears

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    It seems like Chicago is always in the market for a good wide receiver and this season certainly doesn't seem to be any different.  No current Bear caught more than 60 passes a year ago so while Johnny Knox and Devin Hester are nice complimentary players, Burress could step right in as the starter for the Bears.

    Of course, the Bears are a run first offense and it is for this reason that the Bears didn't place higher on this list.  Whether or not Burress could handle being the number one receiver without being the number one weapon on the team is a question that plenty of Bears fans would like to see answered.

Cincinnati Bengals

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    Terrell Owens is gone.  So is Chad Ocho Cinco.  While A.J. Green is expected to be the future of the franchise, he is still just a rookie in a season where training camps have been cut short thanks to the lockout.  Cincy's #2 receiver right now, Andre Caldwell caught a grand total of 25 passes last year.

    Burress would almost certainly become the defacto #1 wide receiver and there is another bonus in that the Bengals are not afraid of having players that are known for having "behavioral problems."  The one strike against Cincinnati is that there seems to be very little chance that the team will compete this season. Does Plax really want to spend his first season back in the league playing for a team that might be lucky to win six games?

Oakland Raiders

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    The Oakland Raiders' wide receiver corps is currently a bit of a mess.  Oakland's current starting wide receivers combined for just 66 catches last year.  That number was matched or surpassed by Plaxico alone four times in his career.  While the Raiders seem to be in love with speed burners at wide receiver, having a possession receiver like Plaxico to offset the great speed but bad hands of their current crop.

    Oakland also has a long history of not particularly caring about players' behavior off the field as long as they are producing on it.  Oakland also seems to be trying very hard to finally turn the corner and become a postseason contender again. Adding someone like Plaxico, if he can regain what he had before his jail term, might be a big piece in that march towards the postseason.