The 101 Most Despised Athletes in Sports History

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The 101 Most Despised Athletes in Sports History
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Let me start off by saying this: There is not one athlete that is universally hated.

No matter how despised a player is, there is always some small section of fans that loves him for whatever reason. So no matter who I put on this list, somebody will say, "No way! I love that guy!"

Try to step back and think to yourself, outside of his or her hometown or the city in which he or she played, is this person hated? For the athletes on this list, the answer is yes.

This is an attempt to rank them in order based on how they are viewed by the public or the other members of their sport. It's a difficult task, and there will be plenty of disagreements, but isn't that what sports is all about?

Here are the 101 most despised athletes in sports history. Let the battle begin.

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