The Jets Coaching: Public Enemy No. 1

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2008

After an almost unbearable loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday in New York, Brett Favre was ripped apart by everyone from the local media to the big boys over at ESPN studios. 

The funny thing is, the Jets won 28-24 with a last minute comeback!  Just imagine, what if they LOST the game?  Favre would probably be the prized head for a huge lynch mob right about now! 

Despite what many may think, Favre is not the problem, and none of the other players are the problem either.  Who does that leave to pin the blame on?  That's right, the coaching staff.

Regardless of what happens this year, even if the team wins a Super Bowl, the organization should clean house and show all of their coaching staff the door. 

This may sound crazy considering that the team has already won as many games as they did last year, but this team needs change if they ever want to get anywhere meaningful. 


First off, the team has Favre, yet, they continue to play with the short passing game way too much.  Correct this writer if he is wrong, but didn't the team get Favre to air it out down the field with the ultra-talented weapons that they already had?  Wasn't Favre the final piece of the puzzle?  Wasn't he the one who could throw the ball more than 30 yards down the field and actually get these options the ball? 

Secondly, wasn't the addition of Favre supposed to free up the rest of the offense to be more of a force when in terms of the running game?  Although Thomas Jones has been better than last year thus far, most of his productions is because of a great offensive line with veteran leadership.  Don't credit the coaches on that one, when there is a lot of talent on the field at one time, sometimes, people get all the glory for something that they really should not be getting in the first place (i.e. Eric Mangini). 

In connection with this, Leon Washington has been amazing thus far, but one can credit that to his insane abilities and only these insane abilities.  Watching him run is like watching a young Tiki Barber run loose again for a New York football team.  Only Leon is in the colors of the Jets green, not the Giants blue. 

Long story short, one can see what this is getting too.  Eric Mangini and his coaching staff are not efficiently using the talent that they have on the field.  It is not because they are clueless, like a certain few across the NFL. It is because their egos constantly get in the way.  Their way of thinking is "what they say goes" and they never listen to the ideas of others. 

What is the result?  A 4-3 team that should be 5-2 (one can thank an awful loss in Oakland to this record), and one that could possibly be 6-1 (the Pats did not beat the Jets, rather the Jets, as usual, beat themselves). 

Which leads directly into more discussion about the supposed "Man-Genius." The supposed savior of the franchise after Herman Edwards bailed on the team a few seasons ago. Tell us Herm, how is that gig in Kansas City going right now? You want to come back to New York? Well too bad. Even with our problems, this city would never want a coward like you back anyway!

First, Mangini is not the savior of the team.  He stepped into a situation where he had a talented team, and a quarterback, Chad Pennington, who was on a mission to prove his critics wrong (which he did and Jets fans, even though they show how they feel in odd ways, are thankful for). 

Second, when the chips were down last season, what did he do?  He blamed the quarterback, as is usually the case, and put in Kellen Clemens as a result, who was not ready under any circumstances to play every week last season.  A 4-12 season resulted, and this past off-season Favre came to town in a blockbuster trade that had the whole NFL talking. 

Third, even though he has a tough-as-nails player in Favre, he, and his front office did not go out and get a quarterback to back Favre up who can actually go out and do something God forbid anything ever happens to Favre.  Can Kellen Clemens go out and produce if Favre gets hurt?  After last year, he would have to do a lot to prove that the answer to this question is, in fact, a yes.  What about Brett Ratliff?  He's a good story, but nobody can expect much out of him facing true NFL defenses right off of the bat. 

Simply stated, if this team loses Favre, they are doomed, and they do not have a backup plan.  Even worse, if Favre does retire after this season, who is out there that can be had?  Daunte Culpepper?  Thanks, but no thanks. 

The best answer would be to go to the draft, but that would set the organization back for at least two years, and that's if they are lucky. 

Somebody has to be held accountable for all of this, and the entire coaching staff, along with the whole front office, minus GM Mike Tannenbaum (who more than does his homework, he is the only reason this team is where they are currently at) should be the ones to take the fall. 

Mangini should be the first out the door at the end of the season, followed by the rest of the organization minus Tannenbaum and the players.  Why is this?  Above all else, he has the Patriots attitude behind him.  He may loathe Billy Boy up there in New England, but he is a younger version of him.  He cannot be corrected, he never admits when he is wrong, and he provides the players with a blueprint to fail. 

Thankfully for the Jets and their fans, there is enough of talent out there to prevent this from happening to an extended degree.  The mistakes must be corrected though, and this is the only way to fix the issues that the Jets currently have within the organization.  It would take a lot for it to happen, considering Mangini and Tannenbaum are extremely close, but if Tannenbaum is shown the money, anything can happen.