Impact Wrestling Top 10 Contenders: June 5, 2011

Charlie GSenior Writer IJune 5, 2011

Impact Wrestling Top 10 Contenders: June 5, 2011

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    I was on and I decided to check out WWE's Power 25. While checking out the list I remembered TNA's list of Top 10 Contenders.

    I will revive the old TNA Top 10 Contenders list but base the rankings solely on my opinions by the events that occur on television. That is, iMPACT! or pay-per-view.

    This is the first edition and if all goes well, maybe I can make this a weekly ordeal.

    Side Note: Champions are included. World Champion, Tag Champions, TV Champion, X Division Champion, Knockouts Champion, Knockouts Tag Champions.

10. Sting

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    You may find it wrong or hard to believe that I've placed the TNA World Heavyweight Champion at the very bottom of the list.

    Sting is hardly seen on iMPACT! anymore. Ever since pre-Lockdown it has been rare to see "The Icon" in action on Thursday nights. Sting has been playing the role as a 'savior' as he'd rescue people from Ken Anderson's attacks.

    Sting helping EY on iMPACT! doesn't earn him a top spot in this weeks Top 10 Contenders.

    The Stinger will be in action on the next iMPACT! teaming with Eric Young to challenge Mr. Anderson and Gunner. A win would propel Sting's position on the list. A loss may take him down.

9. Kendrick

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    Kendrick has been on a losing streak, but he is impressive as of late.

    He stepped up as 'the voice' of the X Division and proved himself worthy of being a champion.

    Kendrick has been stepping up to the plate lately. He had a tremendous No. 1 contenders match against Kazarian on iMPACT!, which I think was match of the night.

    I think Kendrick would have won the match too if Abyss hadn't interfered. 

    He showcased some serious skills against Kazarian, and I'm looking forward to the potential three-way X Division match at Slammiversary.

8. Mr. Anderson

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    The past several weeks Mr. Anderson has been mocking Sting.

    Anderson brought Disco Inferno to the iMPACT! Zone last week to help bury Sting. When Inferno refused to bury Sting, Anderson busted him open with a microphone.

    This past iMPACT!, however, things didn't go so well for Ken Anderson. 

    He planned a match that would recreate history. Sting vs. The Great Muta. The match was actually Anderson vs. Eric Young, just dressed as Sting and Muta.

    Anderson lost his match against TV Champion, Eric Young!

    Anderson is in the No. 8 seat because he hasn't wrestled in weeks and when he did, he lost to "EY" Eric Young. Despite not doing well in the ring right now, Anderson is on fire with the mic and all of his anti-Sting promos.

7. Jeff Jarrett

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    Jeff Jarrett clocks in at No. 7 for two reasons.

    1. I don't remember the last time he won cleanly.

    2. Karen was injured on iMPACT!

    Every time Jeff was on the brink of defeat, his wife, Karen, came to the rescue. Lockdown is a perfect example. Angle had the match won, but Karen screwed him.

    Last week, Matt Morgan had Jarrett beat but Karen distracted the referee, which allowed Scott Steiner to come in and allow Jeff to get the W.

    I'm starting to think that Jeff Jarrett cannot win by himself.

    Finally, he'll be alone against Kurt Angle at Slammiversary.

6. AJ Styles

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    AJ has been getting the better of Bully Ray so far.

    Bully Ray brought in back-up in the form of Tommy Dreamer, which temporarily sidetracked AJ. Last week though, AJ and Daniels beat Dreamer and Ray, in what looked to have been Dreamer's last match in Impact Wrestling.

    Now AJ grabbed the bull by the horns and called out Bully Ray last week. He challenged him to a Last Man Standing match at Slammiversary.

    AJ has caught fire since post-Sacrifice, and we'll see if he can keep up his hot streak going into the final iMPACT! before Slammiversary IX.

5. Abyss

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    X Division Champion, Abyss, is in at No. 5.

    Since winning the X Division Championship two weeks ago, Abyss has been tough to stop.

    Last week he successfully defended the title against Brian Kendrick, and this week he laid out two top X Division talents: Kazarian and Kendrick.

    Abyss interfered in their No. 1 contenders match and knocked them both out.

    Abyss has been unstoppable since becoming the new X Division Champion.

4. Scott Steiner

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    Steiner has been doing good for himself.

    Last week, Steiner screwed his Slammiversary opponent, Matt Morgan, out of a match against Jeff Jarrett and this past iMPACT!, he scored a pin fall over Morgan.

    Steiner has been getting the best of Morgan almost every time.

    Steiner has all the momentum going into his feud with The Blueprint. Will he keep it going?

3. Crimson

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    Crimson defeated a wrestling veteran on iMPACT! That man was Matt Hardy.

    Crimson has been undefeated since his TNA debut. Samoa Joe, the man with the longest undefeated streak in TNA history, took note of Crimson.

    Samoa Joe planned a post-match attack on TNA's up and coming star, but Joe failed in his attack.

    Crimson saw Joe coming and leveled him with a spear.

    He has been unstoppable since his debut. 

2. Kurt Angle

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    Angle comes in at No. 2.

    Kurt Angle was dominant in his tag team match against Jarrett and Steiner. Angle chased Jeff up the entrance ramp but there he saw Karen, and the three disappeared behind the Impact Wrestling Zone set.

    Cameras behind the set showed Karen Jarrett knocked out at the bottom of some stairs.

    The absence of Karen should give Kurt a big advantage over Jeff at Slammiversary.

    After all, Karen has been a major factor in all of Double J's recent victories. Just flashback to Lockdown.

    Without Karen at ringside, Kurt Angle almost had this match won, guaranteed.

1. Eric Young

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    Yes. Eric Young is on the top of the list at No. 1.

    Last week, EY defeated Gunner to become the new Television Champion. This past week, Eric defeated the No. 1 contender to the TNA Heavyweight Champion: Mr. Anderson.

    Call Eric Young a joke but winning the TV title one week, then beating the No. 1 contender to a World title, is some accomplishment.

    You can't get much better than that. 

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