Most Awkward Sports Reporter Moments

K BFeatured ColumnistApril 19, 2011

Most Awkward Sports Reporter Moments

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    We have all been there.

    The inappropriate sexual joke no one laughs at.

    The guy who overreacts and completely loses his cool during an intra-squad pickup basketball game.

    A loud fart during the Thanksgiving prayer.

    All followed by a silence that rings forever while we stare at each other, seemingly frozen in time.

    All awkward. But at least weren't aired on television and later on YouTube for everyone to watch over and over again until the end of eternity.

    God bless the Internet, and God bless awkward sports broadcasting.

No. 25: Rick Pitino and Terry Meiners Are Good Friends

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    The most disappointing news I heard regarding this video is that Pitino and Meiners are good friends.

    This would arguably be the best YouTube video of all time if they were bitter enemies.

    Still an awesome maneuver by Pitino.

    This video is amusing also. As well as this.

No. 24: What Are We Yelling About???

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    I absolutely love this guy.

    If I ever find myself in battle, I pray I am lucky enough to have this guy as my squad leader.

No. 23: Gregg Popovich Mean Muggin'

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    Pop's eyes could peer into one's soul and crush it in a split second.

    If me and that guy locked eyes, I know I would spontaneously combust. I just know it.

    Who thinks he could keep that face during the entirety of this video? I think he could. I really do.

No. 22: Well-Spoken and Insightful

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    I will be completely honest. This guy could enunciate every word and speak perfect English, and I still wouldn't have any clue what he was talking about because I know zilch about the most popular sport in the world.

    As a sports fan I know that is unacceptable, and I am embarrassed. Sorry.

    What I can say is this: Nothing better than another broadcaster showing that much disappointment in his co-worker.

No. 21: I Don't Know What to Say

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    I'm not touching this one.

No. 20: KG Says What Everyone Wants to

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    Any lady friend Craig Sager has potentially ever had probably couldn't run out of his house fast enough once she opened his closet and saw his collection of clothes.

    His closet has to look like that of a crazed serial killer clown.

    KG's timing with this roasting of Sager was perfect because it followed a really idiotic question.

No. 19: A Real Straight Shooter

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    This guy doesn't beat around the bush. He totally skips the sweet talk, flowers, etc.

    Kudos to this guy for not taking his microphone and chucking it into the upper deck after that embarrassing mishap. It's what I would have done.

No. 18: Phil Is Awesome

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    Everyone is aware that Rick Pitino sported a white suit with a red tie the day after his team was dramatically ousted in this year's tournament, right?

    But really though. How could you interview anyone with a straight face wearing that?

No. 17: I Like Larry Merchant

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    Floyd Mayweather makes it loud and clear that the only thing he truly understands is how to fight someone with boxing gloves.

    How much fun would it be to make Floyd get in front of a college classroom and force him to give a scientific thesis about any subject besides boxing?

No. 16: Shaq Doesn't Give a S***

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    Shaq has a candid interview about his dislike for referees and their inability to be able to do their job well.

    I would love to see tape of an NBA referee giving his or her unedited opinion about the Oscar-worthy films Kazaam and Steel

    Debate of the century: Who is the worse actor—Shaq or this guy?

No. 15: Mike Tyson, Class Act

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    Mike Tyson finally cleans up his crazy man image with this squeaky-clean interview.

No. 14: Floyd Mayweather Is Smart, Articulate

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    Many athletes have developed the talent of being able to respond to a question by answering it without actually telling the reporter what they want to hear.

    Floyd Mayweather has that talent completely by accident. I honestly don't think he has the capability of answering a question. It confuses him too much.

    I am also confident I could give him a three-sentence paragraph to read and bet him he couldn't read it fluidly. I would give him as many chances as it took. I say he never gets through it. Ever.

No. 13: Rey Maualuga and Erin Andrews

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    This grinding act by Rey Maualuga on Erin Andrews was inappropriate and borderline sexual assault. He probably should have been punished for this gross act.

    Having said that, I would do anything to trade places with him in that moment, and this made me laugh out loud the first time I saw it.

No. 12: Chris Berman Is a Nice Guy

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    Everyone seems to love Chris Berman because he is the fun NFL guy who says funny things and makes up kooky names and catchphrases.

    Then he goes Christian Bale on everyone. Take a chill pill, Chris. It was one take, for God's sake.

No. 11: Kent State Is a Good Broadcasting School

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    I picked news-editorial journalism as a major instead of broadcast because I didn't know how I would react to being on camera. Now I am confident that I could go to Kent State and get on camera, guaranteed.

    I could down a fifth of Jack and still describe the strategy and action of basketball better than this guy. There isn't a doubt in my mind.

    I guess this is why it's referred to by many as Can't State.

No. 10: The Decision

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    When LeBron James hijacked ESPN in the summer of 2010, he was the mastermind of one of the most disgusting television programs I have witnessed since Fear Factor.

    I had to watch ESPN bend over backwards to satisfy the King:

    1) Agreeing to let LeBron pick the interviewer in Jim Gray;

    2) Pull an awful PR stunt with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America; and

    3) Make ESPN pay for all of it.

    Incredible in the worst way possible.

    ESPN took the SPJ Code of Ethics and urinated all over it.

    It was absolutely perfect that Jim Gray was asked by LeBron's team to be the interviewer. I haven't seen Gray in about a decade, and I was thoroughly enjoying his absence. 

    I am just really happy it was an hour long.  

No. 10: The Decision Part II

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    I thought it couldn't get any more awkward after LeBron stuttered through his declaration of taking his talents to South Beach.

    Then I was corrected almost immediately when Michael Wilbon asked about the jersey burning. The example LeBron used to describe the burning is indescribable in its stupidity.

    Impressive, really.

No. 9: Charles Clinton Has a Bright Future in Broadcasting

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    I had to put the volume on one decibel in order to be able to listen to Charles talk.

    For how hard he is flexing the entire time on camera, I am surprised he didn't poop his pants. 

    Under/over three minutes Chris Berman murders Charles and the cameraman if he had to work with them for a day.


No. 8: That's Kinda Gay

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    He meant the hand description was happy, right?

    What makes this comment so messed up is 40 years ago this joke may not only have been encouraged, the announcer may have been in line for a raise after the game.

    But now we live in a time where everyone is given equal respect, which is something to cheer about. 

    High five, humanity.

No. 7: Jim Gray Has Excellent Timing

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    Jim Gray took full advantage of this extremely rare opportunity to interview a controversial legend by asking Pete Rose a question he knew he wouldn't answer. And then continuing to pound a square block into a round hole. Over and over again.

    It takes real talent to make Pete Rose look like a dynamite individual.

    Great job, Jim. At least you won't embarrass yourself as a journalist ever again...

No. 6: Bobby Knight Is an Absolute Delight

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    Lord knows I hate Jeremy Schaap as much as Bobby Knight apparently does.

    But I had to give it up to Jeremy after his great response when he found out about Knight got hired by ESPN:

    "He has a long way to go before he's as good as Digger Phelps. And I mean that 100 percent."

    I apologize for the editor of Tim and Eric Awesome Show getting a hold of this one.

No. 5: Nicole Richie Is Daddy's Little Angel

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    Why is this video so entertaining?

    It's because you could play the game of replacing Kobe Bryant with any man who has ever lived, and it would probably be a true statement.

    It's a good thing she can get away with anything because of her stunning body.

    Somewhere, Lionel watched this and wasn't paying attention because he is obviously an awful parent.

No. 4: Bruce Pearl Smothers Women

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    As an Illini fan, I could write a novel the size of the Holy Bible about how much I hate this slimeball.

    Here is a guy who manipulated a teenager and broke other NCAA regulations. His biggest crime may be getting away with letting his son Steven, aka Joe Camel the Camel cigarettes mascot, play basketball. The guy is absolutely atrocious, and James Naismith turns over in his grave anytime he touches a basketball.

    If I were Erin Andrews after this interview, I would have been found in the locker room, rocking back in forth in the fetal position as a cold shower washed away my uncontrollable tears.

    It truly makes me sad that Erin will probably feel a little dirty for the rest of her life.

No. 3: Chris Everett Is Insecure

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    What makes this video crazy isn't Jim Rome's incredible stones.

    It's not that Everett snaps and attacks Rome.

    It's the fact that Chris actually lets Rome get to him like this.

    Chris, you're a pro athlete who makes more money, gets more women, more respect, etc. Why in the world would you let Jim Rome calling you Chris upset you to this degree? Amazing.

    The best part has to be when he acts like a washed-up high school star and more or less pleads to Rome to remember the number of sacks he got one time in 1989. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 2: And Boom Goest the Dynamite

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    Never have I ever wanted to comfort another man with a hug in my life.

    Brian Collins was a college freshman who stepped in for a sports broadcaster and did as bad as anyone could ever imagine.  

    I want to find out who sent Collins hate mail and have a sit down chat with them. I would treat it as if I was interviewing a serial killer.

    What do I mean?

    Anyone who hates this guy should be treated as a criminally insane person. My curiosity of the human psyche would be at its peak and I would be uncomfortable the whole time because I know the person I was talking to is dangerously unpredictable. 

No. 1: Joe Namath Is Completely Sober

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    Every man who has had a beer or 20 has done what Joe Namath did to Suzy Kolber.

    For me, the number of times I have embarrassed myself trying to hit on a female with drunken, nonsensical babble has to tally about 100 now.

    The only difference is I didn't do it in front of a camera on Monday Night Football with millions pointing and laughing.

    I always have to walk outside for some fresh air every time I see this clip.