WWE Elimination Chamber: Spider-Man Should Win The Elimination Chamber Tonight

RiZESenior Writer IFebruary 20, 2011

Before I get started, I would like to thank my amigo Buzz for his fantastic slideshow on this subject. I planned to release this article last night but he stated almost every point needed. Despite this, it wouldn’t be right for yours truly to include some of my input on tonight’s Elimination Chamber.

Before half of the IWC flock to the comment section to spell out their distaste for Morrison and argue why he shouldn’t be World Champion, I authorize you to read my title and points first. Like Ichigo Starfish stated in her Christian article, nearly every fan has a favorite they want to succeed.

While Miz vs. Cena maybe set and stone, John Cena’s involvement in the title match at 'Mania has grown predictable.

As a proud member of the Cenation, it hurts me to say that I would rather witness someone else chase the WWE title at 'Mania. Cena has headlined every WrestleMania since 2005, with each being for one of the top titles in the WWE.

While the feat is certainly an unprecedented one, WWE 2010 has taught us that it’s time for change.

Cena has a certain electrifying Superstar eying him.

This wrestler has stated that he’ll never wrestle again, but he also said he will never return to the WWE. Despite his claims, The Rock made his return to the WWE on Monday, and the idea of him wrestling once more is not so far-fetched.

But as the Rumble, and pro wrestling in general, don’t expect too much from the WWE.

We shouldn’t get our hopes up because in the end, we may get disappointed.

Expect the expected

Let’s go by example shall we?

Who actually expected Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero to actually win the big one at 'Mania? Eddie was feuding with Chavo, and once he finished the younger off, he immediately entered the WWE title picture after winning a mini Rumble on Smackdown.

Eddie bounced around as a tag team wrestler in the months before his win.

Did any of us expect him to beat Lesnar and headline 'Mania three months before? No

Did we expect Chris Benoit to go into the Royal Rumble at No.1 and win the entire thing? No

Rey Mysterio could’ve flashed in our minds but we no one actually expected Rey to win the Rumble in 2006.

We all expect John Cena to win the Elimination Chamber tonight and go on to feud with Miz. In 2004, we expected Shawn Michaels to continue their illustrious feud to a WrestleMania match. It wasn’t meant to be and Chris Benoit was inserted into the equation.

Despite all of our personal opinions, no other Superstar (besides DB) has put on better matches for the last three months. After each ppv, we’re not talking about John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, or Miz. We were talking about whatever match Morrison had or whatever John Morrison has done.

Mic skills or not, John Morrison is undoubtedly the most exciting Superstar on the roster.

There’s no denying that Miz is at his best when he’s standing across the ring from John Morrison. Their match on RAW is undoubtedly the best match of 2011 so far. Was it WrestleMania quality? No. The fact that it was on free TV ensures me that they could outdo it.

With the undoubted returns of HBK, Triple H, and The Undertaker, we don’t exactly need a two main event stars in the WWE Title match.

Like I stated above, Cena is the odds-on favorite and more than likely will walk out with the win.

My question is do you really want to see Miz vs. Cena (match not promo terms).

Despite this, the evolution of John Morrison will continue. The beard, fan reaction, and rising popularity are extremely difficult to ignore. If he loses tonight, the WWE will obviously place him in the Money in the Bank ladder match. And you want know something else?

He’ll win

One thing is for sure. At the end of the night, we won’t be talking about Cena, Miz, Edge, or Alberto. We’ll be taking whatever the Spider-Man does in the Chamber tonight.

Bank on it.