USC Recruits: Welcome To Our New Trojans and Fight On!

Paul PeszkoSenior Writer IFebruary 2, 2011

Sanctions?  What sanctions?
Sanctions? What sanctions?Jeff Gross/Getty Images

While the drama queens or, I should say, drama kings on this board and other USC sites around the country, panic with every negative recruiting post, let me be one of the first to extend a warm welcome to all the new Trojans.

I want to especially welcome the nine Early Entries who are already going to class and will practice in the spring and to all those loyal recruits who remained committed throughout the entire process.  To you guys, a huge Fight On!

To those recruits who have wavered one way and then the other and those who are finding it a difficult decision, I understand and don’t blame you at all. 

This is the most important decision of your life, not just in regards to football but for your entire future.  That is why for some of you, it is very painful.

There are so many things to consider.  Will you have a chance to start?  What school gives you the best chance of attracting NFL scouts?  Will you learn enough from your coaches to compete on the college level and beyond?

Yes, all very important points to consider but nowhere near as important as your life after football, whether you have an NFL career or not.

What you ultimately do with your lives, the families you will need to raise and support, the friends you make, the people with whom you associate, the life decisions you will need to make down the line, all of that hinges on the decision you have made or are about to make.

I only hope it is the right decision for you and your family.

To all the drama queens and kings on all of these boards who have cast aspersions on the kids who have gotten away, I have one thing to say—knock it off!

If you are angered because a kid did not choose your school, then you need to seek immediate help.  Really!  It is none of your business.  It is his life and his decision.  It doesn’t affect your life in the least unless, of course, you let it—which is very, very sad.

So, knock off the name-calling and the badmouthing of recruits who have gone in another direction and, for God’s sake, grow up.

To all the young men who will send in their LOI to USC tomorrow, I welcome you.  I know for some of you this was a difficult decision.  You had to weigh many options.  But in the end you have made an excellent choice that is sure to brighten your future.

You have not just signed an LOI but you have grasped the key that will unlock the door to a promising life.  But it is up to you to keep that door open and never let it shut.

You have a chance to work with one of the finest coaching staffs in America.  You will learn a great deal from them.  But you will learn so much at USC off the football field if you are open and inquisitive. 

I am extremely happy for all of you and for the world of opportunities that await you at USC and beyond.  I hope you will take advantage of those opportunities and step into an exciting future.  Fight On!

For those who are still undecided, you may want to read this: 10 NFL Stars Who Went Bankrupt

With the new CBA coming that big bonus check is no longer guaranteed.  You may want to make sure that a degree from the school you choose is really worth something and not just a piece of paper.

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