Commissioner Roger Goodell Publicly Recognizes New England Patriots For Humility

Chris PistoneCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2008

In a press conference earlier today, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that he would like to publicly acknowledge the New England Patriots for their humility both on and off the field.

"Every time I watch them play it gives me such a joy,"  Goodell told reporters early Wednesday morning.  "I actually wish every team in the NFL followed the Pats' example of humility."

Goodell gave a lengthy speech about the Patriots' humble approach toward the game of football.

"With the Patriots, it's not about winning or losing.  It's not about gloating over a TD or interception like they tend to do every now and again.  It's not even about poking opposing players' eyes for no apparent reason.  It's about getting onto that field and making sure everyone has a fun time playing a game of football."

Tom Brady, the Patriots' quarterback, was the player who received the most recognition in Goodell's press conference.  He explained that Brady was not only "the epitome of humility" on the field, but off the field as well.

"I've never seen a football player who carries himself like Brady.  Whenever I see [Brady] in the news, or posing for a picture, I can't help but notice the aura of lowliness that seems to surround him.  Even when he's running up the score 52-7, going for a TD on fourth-and-1 when his team is up by 30 points, or skipping the Pro Bowl because he's still pouting over his Superbowl loss, everything about him seems to scream humble."

When asked how this humility played into the so-called "spygate" scandal that seemed to cloud the Patriots' near-perfect season last year, Goodell offered his take on the incident.

"Everyone seems to be so caught up on this 'spygate' thing,"  Goodell said, making quotation marks with his fingers as he spoke the word "spygate."  "Yes, the Patriots messed up.  Yes, Bill Belichick refused to ever really apologize about the whole incident.  But what people fail to see is the humility behind it all! 

"Bill and the Patriots were so upset and so ashamed at what they had done that they just wanted to forget that it had ever happened.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is humility."

Goodell presented a "Plaque of Humility" after the press conference to the Patriots, who were not in attendance.  When questioned on their absence, wide receiver Randy Moss told reporters that they had been busy practicing for "the severe beat down we're gonna give Miami this Sunday."  The rest of the team refused to comment on Goodell's press conference.