Chargers-Broncos: Mark Kriegel = Complete Idiot

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Chargers-Broncos:  Mark Kriegel = Complete Idiot

Sometimes you come across a writer that is just way off the mark. 

Fox Sports' Mark Kriegel, a guy I've never heard of, wrote an article entitled Chargers woe-is-us act wearing thin." 

This guy needs to start shopping in the men's section. Those Spider-man tighty whities are cutting off the circulation to his brain.

This pencil (neck) geek is still writing about how San Diego overreacted to the Patriots classless taunting a couple of years ago. 

Yes, LaDainian Tomlinson called the Patriots a classless organization, pointing the finger squarely at the head coach. No, the Chargers haven't talked about that incident since Aunt Ida Bell was walking the earth. Give it a rest.

Besides, LT was proven correct when the Patriots repeatedly ran up the score on teams last season in return for being exposed as cheaters by the Jets

Then, we saw Bill Belichick storm off the field prior to the end of the Super Bowl after it was obvious that they had lost.  While the move may have been classless, coach saw all his hardwork go up in smoke and it hurt.

...and LT was just calling a rose a rose. 

For the life of me, I can't remember the Chargers making an excuse for a loss.

Well what do you know?  Mark Kriegel proceeds to name absolutely no excuses that the Chargers have made after a loss.  He simply says they are full of excuses. one. 

Smart guy is making stuff up as he goes along. What else would you expect from the organization that brought us such cerebral classics as 'Married with Children" and "The Simpsons?'

How stupid can one man be? 

When Broncos fans and players are admitting the call was wrong, it's simply calling a rose a rose.

This is the writing of a guy that has spent more time at the Star Trek convention than in a sports uniform. This guy knows nothing about heart. 

The Chargers were in Denver down 21-3, with seven of those points directly the cause of Ed Hochuli's bungling.  The Bolts battled back in the toughest place to win a game in the NFL and flat out had the game won 38-31.

The Chargers are talking blood, sweat, and tears. 

Mark Kriegel is talking Klingons, Thundercats, and He-Man. 

This guy couldn't run through a line of wet toilet paper, which came from the same place his writing came from—the toilet.

Here's a slug with a keg critizing men with six packs. 

When your job is to sit on your tail end and write garbage, you could not possibly understand how Tim Dobbins feels when his hard work goes to waste because of an overzealous ref that has no business affecting the outcome of the game.

You see, a no talent nerd that has never competed can't understand the feeling when you fight, scratch, and claw your way back into a game like that, only to have the ref blow ANOTHER call and hand the victory to the other team—that hurts.  

Those two blown calls were so egregious it was ridiculous. In a game where neither offense could be stopped, it came down to which offense made the mistakes. Jay Cutler and Denver made mistakes, Ed Hochuli made mistakes, Philip Rivers and the Chargers played mistake-free football...The Chargers were 'charged' with two those mistakes—that's just painful, it burns in your gut.

There are three phases to the game:  offense, defense, and special teams.  San Diego out performed Denver in all three phases... look at the stats. Ouch! You are laying in bed thinking about it.

Remember when loud mouthed, pencil neck geek Jim Rome got his ass kicked on national TV by Jim Everett?  What I wouldn't pay to see Shaun Phillips put a foot in Kriegel's ass all over!

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