1. Chandler Jones not just about sacks (10.5); his play vs. run draws notice from Bill Belichick. https://t.co/J64cU9PVDN

  2. Big Board and Advice for Thursday Night Football

  3. On Thanksgiving, #Patriots Bill Belichick acknowledges influence high school coaches have on players: https://t.co/VcVO66D6lH #NFL

  4. Patriots coach Bill Belichick praises media, high school football https://t.co/VmJevbumTm https://t.co/8aG76HEV8M

  5. Bill Belichick ends today's conf call w/ a Thanksgiving appreciation for the media & high school football coaches. https://t.co/Rd688dh7ov

  6. Bill Belichick expresses gratitude to high-school football, and to the media (seriously) https://t.co/qcpAunIwsS

  7. Bill Belichick with an appreciation for the media and HS football coaches in a tremendous Thanksgiving message today https://t.co/gghalDPWFB

  8. Bill Belichick shows his appreciation for HS football -- and the coaches who mold young players -- on Thanksgiving: https://t.co/lg4bfsrKul

  9. You see what @Patriots HC Bill Belichick and TE @RobGronkowski said about the #Broncos? https://t.co/JXHHaqV5kE https://t.co/dV7f9cCf9C

  10. Bill Belichick breaks down the top plays from last week's game: https://t.co/s3o9QS1vgq https://t.co/vzcZqKbnSp

  11. Bill Belichick on whether Josh McDaniels can become NFL head coach again: "I think Josh does a really good job." #9sports

  12. Bill Belichick confirms his gameplan against Brock Osweiler's height is not to bring a step stool onto the field https://t.co/KB9LawUAH6

  13. Bill Belichick on the 6-foot-8 Brock Osweiler: https://t.co/bUXLYvBFH5

  14. Bill Belichick broke down the pros and cons of using Rob Gronkowski on the perimeter as opposed to at in-line TE https://t.co/o7gOYPnGcX

  15. The next night on ESPN: "If you're asking me Bill Belichick or Rex Ryan, I'm taking Rex Ryan all day." Hmm... https://t.co/xd3sNAv986

  16. What's your favorite Thanksgiving food? "Pretty much whatever is on the table. I'll take all of it." - Bill Belichick crushes final question

  17. Jabaal's had a good year for us. Asked him to have some coverage responsibilities. - Belichick

  18. Photo: Bill Belichick talks about Broncos CBs & style of play. "Man to man, not a big mystery. Get on them and go." https://t.co/UOdMHVlrER

  19. It Is What It Is >> Bill Belichick preps his offensive line for Denver: ‘We’ve got to do a better job’ https://t.co/dSiVb5Yln9 via @WEEI

  20. Bill Belichick on Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung safety play: ‘They saved us a lot of points’+https://t.co/KalziwvAGG

  21. Rex Ryan puzzled by call, wonders if Bill Belichick would have gotten 'obstruction' flag https://t.co/5HMh5iMWeo https://t.co/FYzq1X8TAm

  22. Rex Ryan says he did not interfere with official, questions whether Bill Belichick would have been flagged: https://t.co/X6fDDE5Syk

  23. Bill Belichick to @WEEI (talking Broncos QBs): "Peyton Manning is a player I would never underestimate [in] any circumstance."

  24. Belichick was at the sloppy BC-Notre Dame game last night -- wonder if he'll throw in a ball security drill at walk through today just bc

  25. Colts 4th and 1 at 25. Belichick would go for it

  26. Here's a rundown of the dates when Belichick's Patriots have won their 12 AFC East titles. https://t.co/7DLH85tNKG

  27. Rex Ryan is 3-10 as a head coach vs #Patriots (3-9 with Jets, 0-1 with Bills). He’s dropped 9 of his last 10 against Bill Belichick’s team.

  28. Rex Ryan's battle with Brady, Belichick gets Monday Night spotlight (5 things to watch) https://t.co/hiRq0AZUCu #billsmafia

  29. On @WBUR, Troy Brown talks about "Patriot Pride", the 2015 Patriots, playing for Parcells, Carroll & Belichick etc. https://t.co/24TseyqVZk

  30. Jimmy. Belichick. Saban. Parcells. Landry. Carroll. Switzer. Shula. Walsh. All of em. https://t.co/4nWhes6Wgq

  31. Belichick on Malcolm Butler: "He's got that confidence and swagger that a corner needs to be good."

  32. Belichick to 98.5 asked about losing Edelman and getting him back: "Hopefully we will."

  33. Belichick on Edelman being out: "There'll be definitely some guys that have to step up here, our entire offensive team."

  34. Belichick says his defense will have to consider Taylor as a "sixth receiver" in coverage. Have to account for his ability to scramble.

  35. Belichick paranoia, circa 1993. From a ’93 SI story during his Browns tenure https://t.co/svwe69J6Pd

  36. That darn belichick has officials in his pocket. Were there hundred dollar bills in that handshake? https://t.co/uN2k11H0Gm

  37. Look, we're all just biding our time until the inevitable 11-safety defense that Belichick & Patricia run out there. Only a matter of time.

  38. Bills sent 7 on last blitz. doing MUCH better against Brady tonight as opposed to week 2. question is can O get going vs Belichick D?