1. Big Board and Advice for Thursday Night Football

  2. Bill Belichick on Akiem Hicks. http://t.co/sj3Lc3qjcq

  3. Bill Belichick says Patriots weren't necessarily looking to trade TE Michael Hoomanawanui, but to get something, have to give something up.

  4. Bill Belichick points out that one part of increased trades might be because many of players traded were in last year of contract.

  5. Bill Belichick talking on conference call now about how Patriots have been more active in trade market, in-season, in recent years.

  6. Bill Belichick on DL Akiem Hicks: "Big guy, physical player. We got a good look at him down there and we thought he did some good things."

  7. Notes: Weekly extra point/2 pt conversion tracker ... Insight from Belichick mic’d up (not fun for Devin McCourty) http://t.co/B8otpUeX5b

  8. ICYMI: Bill Belichick mic'd up during Sunday's game: http://t.co/teEd0A6fop http://t.co/KwqaW46RXf

  9. Who is coaching the Gators, Bill Belichick?

  10. Bill Belichick, among others, discussing the growth of his son Stephen as a coach. The next generation. https://t.co/J9hLlfJgL9

  11. For my feature this weekend, I focused on Patriots coaching assistant Steve Belichick. I even talked to his dad Bill Belichick 1-on-1.

  12. #SoundFX takes you inside a pregame conversation between Gus Bradley (@Jaguars) and Bill Belichick (@Patriots). http://t.co/w50gHttakN

  13. #Jaguars Daily: Bill Belichick encourages Gus Bradley before loss http://t.co/lvWqRzLcjn http://t.co/1PdtsJOmAi

  14. Despite Patriots fans' pleas, Bill Belichick doesn't need to trade for a cornerback. http://t.co/bwd1bLaqY5 http://t.co/XjVunTop1J

  15. Pretty awesome ice sculpture at the Bill Belichick Foundation Hall of Fame Huddle last night.

  16. Here's @ColinCowherd comparing Bill Belichick to Tony Soprano, Don Draper and Walter White. https://t.co/viLpHe2ZPH

  17. One year ago, Bill Belichick (and @FrankCaliendo) made sure everyone was on to Cincinnati. https://t.co/y8xecVZFr9

  18. One year ago today, Bill Belichick was moving on. #tbt https://t.co/UctBPJtU7v

  19. Bill Belichick made a simple change to his offensive line that could revolutionize the NFL https://t.co/2KFmF3SeqG via @YahooFinance

  20. Bill Belichick had some encouraging words for Gus Bradley http://t.co/FdtVgC9bow