Invasion: If TNA Invaded WWE, This Is How I Would Imagine It

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 17, 2011

I can’t speak for everyone but when the Invasion angle came about in 2001, I was delighted. Having already witnessed similar angles with the Outsiders in the 90s, I was older and possessed more knowledge of the events to come.

Over the past four months, my interest in Total Nonstop Action has dropped considerably.  From the horrible booking, scandals, and improper use of its talent, TNA has become exactly what I thought it would: a cheap reincarnation of World Championship Wrestling.

The three guys to blame are the same ones who drove WCW into a downward spiral. Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and Vince Russo have changed my perception of Total Nonstop Action.

With every passing episode of Impact, I ask myself this question “what could they possibly do to reignite my interest?”

Then the answer hit me like an Alberto Del Rio enzuigiri.

When WWE finally purchases TNA down the line, Creative should consider another Invasion storyline.

If I was a member of Creative, this is exactly how I would begin the TNA Invasion. CM Punk and Wade Barrett are discussing which member controls the better half of Nexus. Punk goes far as to say his Nexus is the greatest stable in pro wrestling today.


As the familiar tune lights up the arena, The Nature Boy styles and profiles his way to ring to the delight of the live audience. Barrett’s expression screams “what the bloody hell?” as Punk looks unaffected and his thoughts are obviously “that’s why I’ll retire no later than 40.”

Before Flair can enter the ring, AJ Styles appears on the apron, distracting Punk long enough for Douglas Williams to drop Barrett with the Chaos Theory. 

Before Punk can retaliate, Styles unloads on Punk with a Pele kick. Both incarnations of Nexus rush to the ring only for AJ and Williams to flee through the crowd. Old man Flair picks up the microphone and simply says “the best is yet to come.”

Commercial break

Punk is furious backstage, questioning everyone about TNA’s debut.  Santino and Vladimir Kozlov are left in the dark to events that just transpired.

The tag team champions prepare to defend their titles against the Usos.  After another solid defense with the Cobra, TNA Champs Beer Money attack Santino and Kozlov.

Storm spits beer in Kozlov’s face and delivers the devastating Last Call. Santino is left helpless and receives the DWI for his troubles.

Tamina argues with Storm and slaps the Cowboy across the face. Storm smiles and screams “this isn’t PG!” and busts a bottle over her head.

Commercial break

Vince McMahon’s limo arrives, and he is immediately confronted by CM Punk. Punk questions McMahon “Vince, what’s TNA doing here on my show!”, “this is my show! I don’t want him here!” McMahon calmly tells Punk all will be explained with his announcement.

McMahon makes his way to the ring and ask for everyone’s attention. Vinnie Mac announces that he quietly purchased Total Nonstop Action months before. He informs the crowd that he allowed TNA to be there tonight and he condones their actions in the coming weeks.

Punk walks to the ring with barring a confused look on his face.  Punk questions McMahon’s decision and begs Vince to explain himself. Before McMahon could speak, the Hardys storm to the ring and chase Punk out of the building.

Backstage, AJ Styles introduces himself to John Cena. Cena pauses and say “this isn’t TNA, AJ, you’re not the face anymore, and this is my show”. AJ smiles at Cena and quietly exits his locker room.

Next up is Awesome Kong’s debut against LayCool. Kong dominates LayCool and dismantles Michelle with an awesome bomb.

While Kong exits after victory, The Beautiful People make their way to the ring with their signature gestures. McCool scatters to her feet only to end up on the receiving end of a Botox injection.

Layla flees the ring before Velvet Sky can reach her.

An angle of this nature could certainly revive the Divas Division.

Backstage John Cena runs into The Miz. Cena tells Miz that they’ve never seen eye to eye but they have a common enemy in the TNA Superstars. Cena informs Miz of his plan to gather all the RAW Superstars and call out the TNA roster.

The Miz reluctantly agrees and tells Cena he’s only doing this to preserve his spot as the top guy.

Cena and Miz make their way to the ring. Accompanied by the entire RAW roster, Cena immediately grabs the microphone and demands TNA to come out and fight. The TNA Superstars enter through the crowd and a brawl erupts.

TNA is seemingly getting the better of RAW until the lights go out. The Undertaker appears in the ring and helps Cena fight off the TNA roster. As Taker stands tall, the lights dim once again. The Icon Sting attacks Undertaker with a bat.

The legends brawl as the cameras cut to the parking lot area. CM Punk questions Vince McMahon again and McMahon simply says “TNA officially joins the WWE Roster next week on RAW!”

Punk’s is visibly frustrated as McMahon leaves in his limo.

Now that’s an Invasion angle. What do you think Creatures?