The JD Poll: Top 25 of College Football Through Week Two

John ScottCorrespondent ISeptember 8, 2008

1. USC Football

No team was more impressive than USC in the opening week—and no team was more impressive on the practice field before the season.  They should have been No. 1 before their 52-7 beatdown of Virginia.

Look for the Trojans to dominate Ohio State in the Coliseum this weekend, as OSU and the rest of the Big Ten continue to show that they are inferior to the "speed conferences" (SEC, Pac-10).


2. Georgia Bulldogs Football

Coming off an unimpressive win versus Georgia Southern, the Bulldogs came back in Week Two and showed Central Michigan and Dan LeFevour (aka Tim Tebow of the MAC) their might.  I would expect them to handle South Carolina this weekend on the road, seeking revenge after the Gamecocks went into Sanford Stadium and beat the Dogs 16-12 last year.


3. Oklahoma Sooners Football

They looked impressive again against a highly thought-of Cincinnati team, who I think is the second best team in the Big East.  Oklahoma will flirt with perfection this year with all their difficult games to be played at home (Texas, Kansas, Texas Tech).  I see a Mizzou-Oklahoma rematch in the Big 12 championship.


4. Florida Gators Football

The Gators look dominant on both offense and defense.  The new "the U"?  The weapons Tebow has are endless, and their defense is much improved from last year.  Look for the winner of the Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville on Nov. 1 to be headed for the BCS title game to play USC.


5. Missouri Tigers Football

I can't believe they are not ahead of the Buckeyes in any polls.  The Buckeyes lost to the Illini at home last year, and Mizzou has beat Illinois each of the last two seasons.  Mizzou has the best pass offense in the nation, with Chase Daniels throwing and Jeremy Maclin and Chase Coffman catching.

The defense was shaky versus Illinois but came through big when it counted.  The Tigers will leap Ohio State (in other polls) after Ohio State gets murdered by USC this weekend.


6. LSU Football

The only thing keeping them from being ranked No. 1 is their quarterback.  All Andrew Hatch needs to do is manage the game, which is what he did Week One.  If Hatch does not turn the ball over, the Tigers will win the SEC West and contend for another title.

The talent of LSU is equal to that of Georgia and Florida, but Andrew Hatch keeps them lower in the polls.  But I think the Tigers like being overlooked rather then being No. 1 like last year.


7. Ohio State Football

With Beanie Wells likely to miss this weekend's game vs. USC, they officially have no chance of winning.  In fact, even with Beanie Wells, they have no chance of winning.  The most overrated team in the nation yet again.  Please don't let them slip into the national championship to get killed yet again.

When was the last time Ohio State even beat an SEC or Pac-10 team?  I can't remember.  They are lucky to be No. 7 in my poll...


8. Auburn Football

The reason I moved Auburn ahead of Texas is because of the talent of the duos at QB (Chris Todd and Kodi Burns) and RB (Ben Tate and Brad Lester).  Tate and Lester remind me of when Auburn had Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams.


9. Texas Longhorns Football

Colt McCoy leading the Longhorns in rushing through two weeks—what?!  The tough schedule leaves me doubting as they have to play Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Kansas, and the always pesky Colorado on the road, not to mention Mizzou at home.


10. Alabama Crimson Tide Football

Is this finally the year for the Tide?  Alabama has the best young talent in the nation, but can young talent win big games...uhh, why don't you ask the Clemson Tigers how they feel?  They call James Davis and C.J. Spiller Thunder and Lightning—well, Mr. Thunder and Lightning got all of eight yards, while Bama's Thunder and Lightning (Glenn Coffee and Mark Ingram) got over 200.

It will be interesting to see how Alabama shakes things up in the SEC this year if they are becoming a true powerhouse as they were in the past.


11. Arizona State Football

I think the Sun Devils are a bit underrated this year considering they didn't lose anyone significant.  Rudy Carpenter is one of the best QBs in the nation, and Keegan Herring is lightning fast.  They will lose to Georgia at home this weekend though, but expect them to keep it interesting.


12. Wisconsin Badgers Football

P.J. Hill is a horse, but as we all know Big Ten football is overrated.  With another senior QB starting for the first time, the Badgers are again weak at that position.

Watch the Badgers this week as they go on the road to the defending national champions (in baseball) Fresno State.  I'm guaranteeing a Bulldog win—yes, you heard it here first, a Fresno State Bulldog win.


13. Texas Tech Football

I'm still not completely sold on their defense, but the Red Raiders do have the second-best (yes, Mizzou's QB-WR-TE combo is more talented) passing game in the nation.  Graham Harrell to Michael Crabtree, and once again Graham Harrell to Michael Crabtree, and wait, another Texas Tech touchdown, it's Graham Harrell to Michael Crabtree.  Yeah, you get the point.


14. South Florida Bulls Football

They survived a tough game vs. UCF, which I think is good for this team.  Matt Grothe and company will not fade away this year like they did last year, and with a weak Big East, I see South Florida easily winning it.  They will beat the Jayhawks this weekend at home by a reasonable margin.


15. Oregon Ducks Football

Last year the Ducks were arguably the best team in the nation with a healthy Dennis Dixon.  That being said, it's not like they have Dennis Dixon this year, and they lost Jonathan Stewart as well.

But this team is still loaded with talent, and they showed it in demolishing a solid Washington team in Week One.  Chris Harper is a lot like Dixon the way he runs, and the running game is averaging over seven YPC thus far.


16. Kansas Jayhawks Football

This is as high as they will ever be ranked this year: They will lose this weekend at South Florida and never recover.  They have tough games at Oklahoma, Mizzou, and vs. Texas Tech and Texas.

They were incredibly lucky to get to a BCS game last year, especially when Mizzou beat the crap out of them, and Mizzou did not make a BCS game.  I do like Todd Reesing, but he just doesn't have the talent around him


17. Wake Forest Football

The ACC is weak, very weak, but I really like what I've seen so far in the Demon Deacons.  Ole Miss is a very tough team this year, with Texas transfer Jevan Snead throwing all over everybody.  Even with six lead changes, Wake Forest and Riley Skinner stayed poised and came through with a quick drive and last second field goal.  Skinner is no doubt the best QB in the ACC.


18. Fresno State Football

Boise State in '07, Hawaii in '08, Fresno State in '09: Yep, it's happening.  The Bulldogs are going undefeated and are going to make a BCS game, where they will likely get unlucky and have to play the SEC team left out of the BCS title game.

But they won't get completely embarrassed like Hawaii was.  Hawaii was a joke on defense, in the running game, and a joke to have gone undefeated...but the Bulldogs have a balanced offensive attack and a solid defense.  You heard it here first!  I'm liking the Bulldogs in '08-09.


19. Penn State Football

The Big Ten is weak, but I have been more impressed with Penn State than any of the other Big Ten teams.  They killed Oregon State, who is in the Pac-10, but the Beavers are the worst team in the Pac-10 (take that back, Washington State lost at home to Cal 66-3—they are the worst team in the Pac-10).

We'll see how Daryll Clark does against a real team sometime later in the year when they go to Wisconsin and Ohio State.


20. East Carolina Football

Apparently I'm not as high on them as others are.  Let's put their wins in perspective.  The Virginia Tech Hokies are awful this year.  They lost a million starters and redshirted their best QB, Tyrod Taylor (yeah, that makes sense!).  It took East Carolina a lucky blocked punt to get them the win at home.

As for West Virginia, this should have been anticipated.  It is clear that Pat White has no receivers, which allowed East Carolina to put eight on the line and stop him and Noel Devine all day.  It's not like they beat a top team from the SEC or Pac-10—they simply beat two of the better teams from two of the lousy major conferences.

The only thing great about East Carolina is their defense.  Their offense is suspect, and they will not be able to replace Chris Johnson.  They are not the best team from a mid-major conference, as many foolish ESPN analysts say—Fresno State is.


21. Illinois Fighting Illini Football

They lost a tough game in Week One to Mizzou, and their defense couldn't stop anyone.  I mean, I could have gone out on a dime and gotten 10 feet away from any of their defenders.  I'm pretty sure they were playing with nine guys on D the whole game, because I couldn't see a safety on the field the entire game.

With that said, their offense is really good, and Juice Williams is a winner.  Sure, he can't beat the real dominant teams like USC or Mizzou 'cause Illinois doesn't have the talent.  But he can lead this team to a Big Ten title.  In fact, I think he will.


22. Cal Bears Football

After a strong start last year, just like the Ducks, they were considered a top team in the nation.  Cal survived a tough opening game vs. Javon Ringer and the Michigan State Spartans, and then just demolished their fellow Pac-10 opponent, the WSU Cougars.

They need to get over Nate Longshore.  He's not very good, move on.  It's Kevin Riley's turn, and he's actually OK.  Jahvid Best is one of the fastest players in all of college football, and Cal should make some noise in the Pac-10 again this year.


23. West Virginia Football

Tough loss versus ECU...for Pat White and Noel Devine to manage only three points is unheard of.  It shows maybe how important Steve Slaton really was.

I'm not giving up on the Mountaineers yet.  They have an easy schedule with the difficult games (Auburn, USF, and Cincinnati) to be played at home.  I can tell you one thing: They will not be held under 14 points in any game for the rest of the year, you can count on that.  Mark my words.


24. Tennessee Volunteers Football

OK, they lost to UCLA...but it was at UCLA.  If you looked me in the eye, could you honestly tell me that Tennessee won't finish in the top 25?  The answer is no.

The Volunteers still have the best O-line in the country, along with solid receivers, a great run game in Arian Foster, an underrated QB in Jonathan Crompton (he was the No. 3 recruit to Mark Sanchez and Ryan Perrilloux), and the best safety combo in the nation.  If that doesn't finish top 25, then something is seriously wrong.


25. Kentucky Wildcats Football

Oh, big surprise here!  The reason I put them in the top 25 is because of their defense.  It is one of the best in the nation, and it has held opponents (Louisville and Norfolk State) to just three points in two games—and that FG came after a pick in their own territory.  Not to mention their two defensive TDs already.

With 10 of 11 starters back on D, I don't think it's a fluke that they have played this well.


Others Receiving Votes (by me): Utah, Florida State, Clemson, UCLA, BYU, Vanderbilt, Boise State, South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Ole Miss

I'm not impressed with BYU beating Washington on a horrible call.  As for Ole Miss, they were a last second field goal away from beating Wake Forest in their house, and Jevan Snead looked really good.

Thanks for reading my submission.  This is my first ever, and many more to come!


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