WWE: Harrison's Top 10 Matches of 2010: No. 8, Team WWE Vs The Nexus

Andre HarrisonCorrespondent IDecember 25, 2010

The Nexus vs Team WWE (Summerslam 2010)
The Nexus vs Team WWE (Summerslam 2010)

Hello everyone on The Bleacher Report, Andre Harrison back it at it once again. Before I really start, just like to say Happy Holidays to all my readers and supporters, I hope you all had a wonderful day and be safe over the season. Consider this post my Christmas present to everyone here. So, let's move along to part three of Harrison's Top 10 Matches of 2010 countdown, as well now move onto number eight in the countdown. Now, this match was three months in the making, and featured one of the most prominent factions in wrestling history, and was settled (so we thought), at this years Summerslam, also featuring the IWC's favourite darling...yes, Daniel Bryan's THIRD apperance in the Top 10. Yep, you guessed it, its Team WWE vs The Nexus, from Summerslam 2010!

The Backstory

Pretty sure most of you know how this happened by now...but here goes. After Wade Barrett was announced the winner of NXT's season one, two weeks later on RAW, in a match between John Cena and CM Punk, the eight members of that season, attacked and destroyed almost every part of the RAW studio, including choking out of certain ring announcers with certain items of clothing. I'll get back to that later.

They destoryed Bret Hart as well, and made their third apperance at WWE's Fatal-4-Way main event, where John Cena lost his WWE Championship to Sheamus after the group, now known as "The Nexus", destroyed Cena, Orton and Edge during that match. Daniel Bryan was released shortly before this incident. Most of The Nexus' priorties was against John Cena, who refused to let them destory the company. Things got especially heated when John lost his Championship rematch at the Money In The Bank rematch, where he snapped and attacked Justin Gabriel, and Michael Tarver, in a fit of rage.

Cena vowed to take revenge against The Nexus, whether it would be alone, or with help. Cena tried to call a truce, but when Wade Barrett rejected it, he revealed he had secretly formed a team of seven to take The Nexus down at Summerslam. It consisted of himself, Edge, Chris Jericho, John Morrison, R-Truth, The Great Khali...and the return of Bret Hart after his attack. However, the week before Summerslam, The Nexus took out The Great Khali, leaving Team WWE with a spot to fill. The Miz had accepted the role of the seventh spot at Summerslam, but as he was making his entrance, John Cena had found a replacement...Let's see what happened, in...

Team WWE vs The Nexus (Seven-On-Seven Elimination Tag Team Match), Summerslam 2010

Cena came out wearing a purple and gold shirt. No, he's not a Vikings fan. They're in Los Angeles, so I'm assuming it's a Lakers thing.

The Miz made his entrance to be the seventh man, but Cena took the mic and said he was too late. He said he and the other members of Team WWE couldn't wait until SummerSlam to find out Miz's answer, so they went out and found someone who hates Nexus just as much as they do.

Daniel Bryan was introduced to a strong crowd reaction. Cole started bitching on commentary, which was hilarious. Team WWE hit the ring and fought with Nexus, who eventually headed to ringside to regroup. Striker referred to Bryan as American Dragon. "This is a huge mistake," Cole said. "It's a huge mistake to replace The Miz with this guy."

Harrison's Analysis: DANIEL F'ING BRYAN! YES! (Markout Moment of the Year...No seriously, it was.)

Bryan started the match against Young. Bryan forced Young to tap out in 0:45 via Crossface to give Raw a 7-6 lead. Team WWE continued to get the better of Nexus early. John Morrison eliminated Michael Tarver with Starship Pain at 3:45 to give Team WWE a 7-5 lead. Nexus headed to ringside to regroup.

Sheffield checked in and eventually got the better of Morrison. Sheffield pinned Morrison at 7:35 to cut into Team WWE's now 6-5 lead. It didn't take Sheffield long to even things up. Sheffield pinned R-Truth in 8:00 following a clothesline to make it 5-5. The crowd quieted down.

The announcers started talking about how much was at stake. "Our livelihoods, our friends," Striker said. (Melodramatic much?) Bret Hart checked into the match and hit Heath Slater with punches and elbows. Hart body slammed Slater at one point. Hart went for the Sharpshooter and the crowd popped.
However, Slater tagged Sheffield. Someone slid a chair inside the ring. Hart picked it up and jabbed Sheffield with it. Bret Hart was disqualified for using a chair at 12:35 to make it Nexus 5, Team WWE 4. Edge entered the match and dominated Sheffield. Edge speared and pinned Sheffield at 13:15 to make it 4-4.

After some back and forth action between the teams, Chris Jericho hit a Lionsault on David Otunga. It wasn't pretty because Otunga appeared to be out of position. Jericho took out Otunga with the Walls of Jericho in 19:40 to make it 4-3 Raw. Slater checked into the match.

Jericho ended up running into Cena. Slater hit a move on Jericho and pinned him around 20:00 to make it 3-3. Edge and Cena started arguing. Cena backed down and started to leave the ring. Slater rolled up Edge and pinned him around 21:00 to make it 3-2 Nexus.

Edge speared Cena, who was standing on the ring apron, before making his exit. Barrett worked over Cena while Bryan waited for the hot tag in the corner. Nexus took turns working over Cena while Bryan played to the crowd and got them to clap along at 26:30.

Bryan tagged in at 27:30 and did not turn. He clotheslined Slater and then went to the corner and took shots at Justin Gabriel and Wade Barrett. Bryan eliminated Slater with a crossface at 29:00. Miz ran out and struck Bryan with the MITB briefcase behind the ref's back. Wade Barrett pinned Daniel Bryan at 29:30 to make it Nexus 2, Raw 1.

The match came down to Barrett and Gabriel vs. Cena. A small, but vocal "Daniel Bryan" chant broke out. Cena had Gabriel hoisted up for the Attitude Adjustment, Gabriel tagged Barrett unbeknownst to Cena. Barrett broke it up and went to work on Cena.

The two heels made fast tags and took turns working over Cena while the crowd booed. Barrett DDT'd Cena on the floor and then rolled him back inside the ring. Gabriel went up top to finish off Cena with the 450 splash. However, Cena moved. John Cena pinned Justin Gabriel in 34:50 to make it Raw 1, Nexus 1.

The match was down to Barrett and Cena. Barrett went after Cena, who tripped him and applied the STF. John Cena forced Wade Barrett to tap in roughly 35:20. The announcers put over Cena in a big way and celebrated at ringside...

Winner and Sole Survivor: John Cena (Team WWE - 35:19)

Harrison's Analysis: If you're a Cena hater, you're going to want to cut your wrists after that finish. Great match, with some reservations. The Pros? No-one really looked that weak, Daniel Bryan looked outstanding, and the eliminations made sense, with multiple guys on both teams getting 2 Eliminations (John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Skip Sheffield and Heath Slater). The Cons?

The finish really did make John Cena look like Superman, which he already has a reputation for. The real death blow was the WWE's booking yet again. This killed the Nexus storyline dead in the water and Team WWE should NOT have won this match. Also, I think they dropped the ball huge in NOT turning John Cena heel, but that's for another column. Match of the Night, and great job by all concerned, but like I said before, the booking stops it from being even better.

I was going to give this ****1/4 Stars, but the booking wasn't quite there and left me scratching my head just a little bit, so I can't add a fraction on, but look, it was a 35 minute match, with 7 rookies, and pretty much all of them were made to look good. That's some achievement by everyone involved. And I think that's why it deserved to be my number 8 match of the year.

Harrison Match Rating: **** Stars

As I said before, have a wonderful Christmas day, hope you liked the present, and I'll catch you tomorrow for my Number 7 choice...It involves Randy Orton, and briefcases...And me sticking a fraction in front of the four stars. See you then, I've been Andre Harrison, Sayonara!