The 15 Biggest High-Five Fails in Sports

Sean MerrimanCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2010

The 15 Biggest High-Five Fails in Sports

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    You catch a big pass, score a nice goal or hit a clutch free throw. The natural reaction for a teammate is to give you a high five for your accomplishment.

    But as we all know, not every professional athlete is as smooth as you might otherwise expect. There is an art to the classic high five, which has been blotched in a variety of different ways throughout sports history.

    Here is a look at the 15 worst high-five attempts in sports.

15. Anthony Kim and Phil Mickelson

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    As if what they're wearing isn't strange enough on its own, Kim and Mickelson had to share this awkward-looking high-five attempt at the Ryder Cup while on national TV.

    There were so many of these awkward-looking high fives and handshakes throughout the tournament, in fact, that Bill Simmons wrote a column in ESPN The Magazine stating that only fist bumps should be allowed from now on.

14. No Love for Brian Scalabrine

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    As if the fact that he is a big, tall redhead playing for the Boston Celtics isn't enough, Brian Scalabrine really gets left out to dry here by his teammates after a timeout.

    I'm sure if he was wearing his warmups it would have been a much different story...right, Glen Davis?

13. Graeme McDowell at The Ryder Cup

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    Graeme McDowell of Europe celebrated his win for the European team on the 17th green at the end of the singles matches during the 2010 Ryder Cup.

    As he makes his way to the 18th and final hole, this media marshall caused all celebration to cease with what is one of the worst failed high-five attempts of all time.

    Can you really blame the guy? If your one hole away from winning one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in your world, is this going to be your top priority?

12. Matt Leinart Tries To Play It Cool

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    Well, Matt Leinart couldn't cut it as a starting quarterback in the NFL, and apparently he isn't too good at getting any love from his teammates either.

    After Arizona scores a touchdown to go ahead of the Giants on a nationally televised game on Sunday Night Football, Leinart tries to get a high five from Beanie Wells and is straight-up denied. Way to try and play it cool, Matt, but we got you!

11. Rafer Alston Makes It All Good

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    Maybe Bobby Simmons did something to really tick Brook Lopez off, because Lopez shows his teammate no love when he goes to the bench here with his second foul.

    Who needs peer mediation when you have Rafer Alston to make it all better? Alston makes sure that Lopez acknowledges Simmons by putting their hands together for the classic slap-five gesture. The announcer says it best, "There's love once again on the bench."

10. Kevin Love and Marc Gasol in Rookie-Sophomore Game

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    Call it a botched high five, call it an awkward chest bump, no one can be positive what Kevin Love was exactly trying to do here.

    It looks like Love went for the two-handed high five and then decided when he didn't get it, to go ahead and shove teammate Marc Gasol. If their uniforms were different colors, you would probably have thought these two were about to get into a fight.

9. This Guy Should Just Stick with the Old-Fashioned Classic Handshake

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    It looks to me like this guy failed to plan out this so-called handshake with the guy on the right.

    And the fact that he was on TV during the NCAA selection show while doing this! With this guy making the decisions, it's no wonder a team as good as Butler received a No. 5 seed last year.

8. On to the Final Four...Whoops!

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    While celebrating their Final Four victory over Michigan State, Butler teammates Ronald Nored and Gordon Hayward whiffed on one of the worst high-five attempts in history.

    This is about the only thing that Butler did wrong in this game, though, as they upset the Spartans and earned a shot to play for the National Championship against Duke.



7. Sticking a Perfect 10 on the Akward Scale

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    This one has the perfect combination of awkwardness and just completely failing at what you were attempting to do.

    Apparently, Tom Lehman thought that he was 10 years younger, as when he reaches the top of his jump (which was about 3" off the ground) he realizes that just isn't the case...

6. Anybody Got Five for Scott Tolzien?

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    The team makes a big play and the quarterback wants some love from some of his teammates.

    This has got to be one of the worst "left hanging" sightings in sports history. If the quarterback can't get a high five from his teammates, then who can?

5. Gary Neil Slaps Five with...No One

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    If you didn't know who Gary Neil was, this awkward act certainly helped his popularity numbers rise.

    After Neil hits a free throw attempt with no one surrounding him, he walks into the lane and pretends to give a high five to his teammates, but no one is there. Maybe he does have some imaginary friends like MJ in Space Jam.

4. Adam Morrison: Always a Little Goofy

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    As if Adam Morrison wasn't the NBA king of awkwardness before this incident, this just solidifies his spot among the elite.

    Why would he think that this Mavericks player would want to give him a high five after making a free throw? Maybe his lack of love from Phil Jackson and the Lakers just made him want to try a different route. The result was still a failure. Not to mention, the background music in this video is just perfect.

3. Andrew Bogut High Fiving Himself

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    This high-five attempt tops Gary Neil because Bogut makes the extra effort to give out six high fives to his imaginary friends. Also, if you look, he does have teammates with him in the lane; he just make the choice to go with the air high five.

    Maybe its an Australian thing?

    Either way, it's certainly one of the worst high-five attempts in sports history.

2. Big Kevin Just Needs Some Love

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    Love makes the list twice here with this awkward encounter with teammate Wesley Johnson.

    The thing about this video is that I bet when it happened, both Love and Johnson shrugged it off and didn't realize how truly awkward it was until they watched it again and caught some serious media attention because of it. The No. 1 worst high-five attempt must be pretty awful, because it would be hard to top this one.

1. Eagles Owner High-Fives His Wife's Face

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    It was tough choice to say which high five was the worst of all time, but when this one surfaced on the Internet, it was a no-brainier.

    After the Eagles score a touchdown, team owner Jeff Lurie gives a round of high fives, but instead of connecting with his wife's hand he unintentionally slaps her right in the face. He then proceeds to act like everything is all right, most likely hoping that the cameras did not catch that one. Oh but they did, Jeff!