WWE Champion The Miz: Cashing In Money In The Bank Proves Why He's Awesome!

Hamster EnigmaAnalyst IIINovember 27, 2010


As you may all know, the Miz became the WWE Champion after cashing in his Money in the Bank contract on a hurt Randy Orton.

The Viper had recently endured a Nexus attack and a match against Wade Barrett, which Orton won thanks to a little help from John Cena.

Orton was celebrating and all of a sudden his music was cut to the word "Awesome." The Miz came to play literally as he was toying with Orton for a while before countering a RKO into a Skull Crushing Finale to become WWE Champion.

Now I am not a Miz mark nor a Miz hater, but I believe that Miz cashing in his MitB contract successfully was a good decision to make for the company. Before disapproving or supporting this statement, I would like for all of you to hear me out.

WWE puts entertainment before wrestling, and Miz is indeed a great entertainer, as proven time and time again by his outstanding mic skills and the way he gets the crowd to play along during his promos.

Miz is an improving wrestler, but that is not what made him a top caliber star in many people's eyes.

His promo work is what gave him a chance to rise up the ranks and eventually get to where he currently is. Last time I checked, entertainment's first, and that's where Miz truly shines.

When Miz debuted, he was not like he is now. He was a reality star wanting to accomplish his dream. People hated him for it. The audience didn't like the Miz appearing on their TV for a few weeks, but the WWE had seen something in this guy.

They always kept him appearing as a host so his mic skills could improve and gave him a few shots to be in the ring, but he seemed to fail at showing wrestling potential.

Eventually they took him off the air and people felt like the Miz would be gone forever making his greatest moment either as the Diva Search Host or as a host for a talk show failure in "Reality Check."

Eventually, the Miz was drafted to ECW in the Supplemental Draft. He was deemed to be a failure but somehow endured the criticism by becoming a Chick Magnet.

His catchphrase was "Chicks Dig Me, Their Men Fear Me" and his wardrobe consisted of a Fedora Hat, some kind of shorts, and a tye-dyed mohawk. This brought even more hate towards him but he still persevered through it all.

Eventually he was drafted to RAW where he was proclaimed to fail and get lost in the shuffle, eventually leading to his release.

A feud with John Cena and everything changed slowly. Miz became "fired" from RAW after losing to Cena in quick fashion and was also banned from "Summerfest" (Thanks Jeremy Piven). Miz's career had seemed to come to an end.

A week later, Eugene and the Calgary Kid had a match for a Monday Night RAW contract. The Calgary Kid won the match to everyone's shock due to the fact that he was an unknown before that night.

The Calgary Kid removed his mask after the match revealing his true identity to be none other than the Miz.

The Miz was a member of the RAW roster once again. He came back renewed, not repackaged as his gimmick was still the same, that of a cocky and arrogant reality star.

Miz introduced a new finisher too, the Skull Crushing Finale, and a new attire which was the Calgary Kid's attire. He also removed the color in his mohawk and changed entrance songs.

Mr. McMahon liked this change especially his attire because it really showed off the Miz's legs (lol). Since McMahon liked the new Miz, he gave him a push.

The Miz used the push to his advantage and held on to the United States title for a lengthy time, although he barely defended it.

While holding the US Championship, he also gained the Unified Tag Team Titles with the Big Show before the division was completely killed.

Miz rode his own wave of momentum which eventually led to his first Wrestlemania appearance and his first Mania victory.

Miz also was a pro for NXT seasons one and two in which he "mentored" Daniel Bryan and Alex Riley, respectively. He had hate for Bryan but love for Riley.

This allowed Miz and Bryan to have a rivalry in which Bryan ended up winning the belt off the Miz, while the love for Riley allowed Alex to continue being a protege of the Miz.

Eventually along the way, Miz became a Money in the Bank briefcase holder. He won it during the RAW MitB match at the MitB PPV and always seemed to threaten to cash it in on Sheamus but interference always ruined his chances. This caused people to believe that he would be the first to fail at cashing in his Money in the Bank contract.

He seemed to be falling backwards in the ranks, which made his threats to cash in seem meager compared to when he had a lot of momentum going for him.

Yet, on Monday, Miz waited for his moment and cashed in successfully proving all of his doubters since the beginning wrong. He indeed proved that he was here to stay.

During his path to success, Miz formed a team with John Morrison. The duo of Miz & Morrison seemed destined for failure since they were a random pairing that WWE decided to put together just to continue the Matt Hardy-MVP rivalry.

Little did everyone know that this team would help Miz on his way to the top as well as John Morrison by becoming one of the best teams to step foot in the WWE this decade (and that's saying something).

Miz & Morrison's styles complimented each other well which made people sad when they were broken up in the draft but it provided an opportunity for both men to have good singles careers.

Miz went to RAW while Morrison went to Smackdown. Morrison was deemed to be future champion while Miz was deemed to fail. These two former allies eventually met a few times with Miz always coming out on top except for once.

Miz proved that he was not the Marty Jannetty of the team by being ahead of John Morrison since their breakup as a team. Miz's new catchphrase was now "I'm the Miz and I'm Awesome!"

This is indeed the case with the way Miz's career has been and what he had to do to overcome it all. He had a push which led to him becoming the WWE champion.

Meanwhile, Morrison stayed neutral and always seemed to be destined for the main event status before the Miz but something always seemed to stop him from reaching the top.

Currently, Morrison seems to be getting the push that he was long overdue for and it couldn't have come at a better time. Miz is the champion and Morrison may eventually become a challenger if he wins King of the Ring or the Royal Rumble.

Hopefully he does end up as a contender and Miz and Morrison face off for the WWE Championship possibly at Wrestlemania.

A rivalry that has had proper buildup may finally come to fruition and make both of the wrestlers involved main eventers for a long time to come. This is all possible because the Miz successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank contract.

It doesn't matter if you are a Mizfit or a Miztake. Miz is indeed awesome and him becoming WWE champion was indeed the right thing for the WWE to do. Miz is a person who had to overcome many obstacles and is now being rewarded because of it.

He may have kissed someone's ass to get his push, but he indeed does deserve to be at least a one-time champion. Miz is an entertainer after all, and in the WWE that's what matters most; there's no denying it.

It doesn't matter if you hate the Miz or if you like him, Miz is the champion and if he provokes some kind of response, then that means that he is doing his job well. After all, he is a heel.

So next time you hear, "I'm the Miz and I'm AWESOME!", don't start jumping to conclusions just yet. Think of everything that he had to endure and the possibilities that may happen because of him becoming champion, then feel free to praise or criticize him.

It's all a matter of opinion if you think that the Miz is indeed AWESOME.


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