Auburn Tigers' Warning to the Nation: Cam Newton's Coming, and He's Angry

Nathan DealCorrespondent INovember 5, 2010

Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Oregon... this is a man that will haunt you for an entire offseason.
Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Oregon... this is a man that will haunt you for an entire offseason.

After this ludicrous story came out that an "agent" (Criminal!) wanted $200,000 out of Mississippi State for Cam Newton, moronic people have just not read the whole truth and expect AUBURN to be punished for this.

How does that make sense?

Simple: It doesn't, hence why it isn't true.

Cam and his father sent bank records to the NCAA. There haven't been any sudden $20k jumps anywhere. Auburn, according to the Auburn-Opelika News, is reportedly "in the clear."

I couldn't agree more.

After the season, Auburn fans will look back on this and laugh.

Do you know who won't be laughing? UT-Chattanooga, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Oregon. They'll instead cry about what could have been.

This probably kills Newton's status as a Heisman frontrunner, and might possibly take him out of contention. All because of the "agent" (Criminal!) who did this to Cameron. Cam didn't ask for this. He also didn't ask for money.

WARNING TO THE REST OF THE NATION: Cameron Newton is coming at you, and he's angry. UTC...well, you already knew. Georgia, are you ready to get dogged? Alabama, prepare your Tide to get rolled. South Carolina, if you didn't like Cam the first time, you should just keep your eyes shut during the game. Oregon...oh, Oregon...are you ready to get squeezed like a rubber duck?

Nine games into the year, all we've seen is happy Cam. Now we get to see angry Cam. Mad Cam. Venom compared to Spider-Man. I assume some of you won't get that last part.

All Auburn haters, read this: AUBURN KNEW ABOUT THIS IN JULY. We played him anyways. All your little dreams about bowl bans, vacated wins and such...just stop dreaming them, because that's all they will ever be: Dreams.

The next five games, Cameron Newton will look better than he ever has. That's saying a lot, but this is going to ignite a serious fire under Cam to take the trash out.

Who will these last five teams have to blame for Cam's historic explosion? Kenny Rodgers. Oh, and Urban Meyer, for several reasons. One, he never gave too much of a vote of confidence to Newton at Florida. Two, he called Mullen and Bond recently to tell them to make this story known.

I would want to play Meyer's Gators in Atlanta so he could feel the wrath of Newton. Too bad they're going to lose to South Carolina.

Here are my picks for the remainder of Auburn's games, all of which involve an angry Cam Newton:

v. UT-Chattanooga - W, 70-6. I told you before Auburn would reach 70 in this game. Some...actually most, said Auburn wouldn't go that high with Newton. Are you sure about that now? Auburn rolls up over 650 yards in the win.

v. Georgia - W, 55-21. Cam's still angry. UGA has beaten Auburn four straight years. UGA will be a sluggish 5-5 in what has been a disaster year for the Dawgs. This has all the makings of an Auburn route. Auburn out gains Georgia, 596-317, in a 34-point beatdown.

at Alabama - W, 45-28. Last time here, Bama crushed Auburn 36-0. After a fast start by Alabama, Auburn's offense exposes Alabama's defense in a way they didn't think possible. If LSU couldn't stop Newton, neither can Alabama. Auburn scored two TDs late to seal the game. Auburn out gains Alabama 543-307 in the 17-point revenge-gaining win.

v. South Carolina (SEC Championship Game) - W, 41-24. Earlier this year, happy Cam scored five TDs against the Gamecocks and stamped Auburn's arrival. If South Carolina thinks they're stopping the ANGRY Newton, they're dead wrong. Auburn scores the game's final 10 points in their second consecutive 17-point win over a Top 15 team. Auburn out gains South Carolina in the game, 533-357.

v. Oregon (BCS National Championship Game) - W, 41-30. That's right: angry Cameron Newton will lead the Tigers to their second national championship in school history, their only other in 1957. Cam Newton, who is screwed out of the Heisman by Kenny Rodgers, Urban Meyer and everyone else involved that hates this kid, is as good as ever against the Ducks of Oregon. In a see-saw shootout, AU's defense steps up in the fourth quarter and Cam's four total TDs lead Auburn over Oregon. Auburn out gains Oregon, 571-467.

CONCLUSION: People who are laughing at Auburn now are going to end up regretting it ever happened. There is little doubt in my mind now that Auburn is going all the way.

Not a doubt.

A team that was already motivated and on a mission is now even more motivated. Or at least, the QB is more motivated. You take away his Heisman? No sweat, he'll just win the national championship this year, the fifth straight for the SEC. Oh, and he'll win the Heisman next year anyways.