JaMarcus Russell Should Look To Donovan McNabb For Leadership

Keilyn EllisCorrespondent IApril 13, 2010

ASHURN, VA - APRIL 6:  Donovan McNabb speaks at a press conference where he was introduced by the Washington Redskins on April 6, 2010 at Redskin Park in Ashburn, Virginia.  (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)
Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Donovan McNabb was Booed heavily when he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles by his own "fans" before he even had a chance to step onto the field. The idea that Blacks can't play Quarterback in the NFL was roaring then, and is still alive and well today.


It's all political. How dare Al Davis select a Black Quarterback 1st overall ahead of the likes of the fiery Joe Blow from "Some white University" with all the "intangibles." And where'd Randy go so suddenly? No Russell to Moss? OK. But it sounds a little fishy. There is a little known theory out there that only white Qbs have access to elite receivers. You can attempt to disagree, but the proof is in the pudding.


Donovan McNabb's career early on was marred by relentless criticisms about how Donovan "Didn't get it" and could not play QB. (Sound Familiar?) All the while QBs like Jay Cutler and Jake Delhomme etc. continue to suck with efficiency without half the criticism. They ultimately criticized McNabb so much that he altered his game from being a dual scrambling/passing QB to a superior Pocket passing flame thrower who excelled with a fraction of the weaponry of his white counterpart.


People get offended when "race" issues are spoken of candidly. Truth hurts. Even McNabb today on sportcenter said he could't understand why his job was constantly in jeopardy, despite  being the most successful QB in Eagles franchise history. I know why...And so does he, in reality. But this is television.


It's like when Republican leader Michael Steele said that Black leaders had a smaller margin for error. No one can deny that as Blacks throughout the history of America have been under a more dynamic microscope than their white counterpart.


Just look at the Rothlisberger case. If that doesn't prove true the blatantly racist double standard in the NFL, then I don't know what will. I mean the guy gets caught committing the same crime not once, but twice and he was exonerated not only by ESPN, but the NFL, and more importantly the court of public opinion. If only Michael Vick could have been so "lucky." They'll give Ben a slap on the wrist and say "No" "No", Bad Ben. And he'll live free to molest again.


Back to the original point. People say that JaMarcus "doesn't care" and that he is "lazy" Now lets look at some of the supposed prototype for Black men in America such as Donovan and Barack. Both of them are too cool. It seems as if nothing rattles them as they show very little emotion. Barack Obama is probably the only person in the entire media world who gets criticized more than JaMarcus. They are both Black leaders. And I support them through the fire.


If JaMarcus were to take to heart some of the baseless, outrageous lies and crticisms which are perpetuated and recylced by virtually all of the media and their minion, not only would he not likely have the confidence to play Football anymore, he may not even have it in him to continue breathing. He has to let it roll off, and at that JaMarcus is King.


We saw how NFL bust Ryan Leaf reacted to constant media criticism, and he was dissed even more for being to emotional. I can't lie, I was kind of hype when Leaf punked that reporter pig. They cross the line way too often. I rooted for him too.


I wonder what JaMarcus thinks of all of this. We may never know as the Jim Crow media of today is not privy to letting the "subject" speak. All the while we have to listen to Rothlisberger come up with lame excuses and apologies. Again.


McNabb is the perfect example of letting the gossip girls do their job while you focus on yours. When asked what he would have done if he were traded to the Oakland Raiders, McNabb responded, "I would be in Oakland right now working and preparing for the next season." Wow. What a perfect opportunity to smash the Raiders like every other media personality living, and he respectfully passed. Only McNabb.


Although the majority of Raider Nation is caught up in media hype and gossip, there are still some of those who can see through the fog. JaMarcus' greatest hindrance has been addressed with the demotion of Tom Cable and the addition of Hue Jackson.


There is an old saying that goes, "Pressure busts Pipes." Lets just hope in JaMarcus case, that pressure produces a Diamond for JaMarcus in 2010.


Yall have a wonderful evening.