1. With #Seahawks OL playing poorly in #DETvsSEA, a reminder that Carroll & Cable preach patience: http://t.co/2I4MFiwHgg

  2. RE #Seahawks O-line: Carroll and Cable preach patience: http://t.co/2I4MFiwHgg Check out the 2015 OL archive: http://t.co/va3W99fUqy

  3. You can hear the game on @ESPN1520 or watch it on time warner cable sports channel

  4. #WASvsDAL Monday Night Football was the 5th most watched sporting event on cable last year: http://t.co/wNIhRtzo3j http://t.co/rmbjB6XefV

  5. First-Half UT Football has DirecTV, Second-Half UT Football has cable, according to this fan: http://t.co/CbyZO42jmf http://t.co/W6jMW777Ap

  6. Tom Cable breaks down the Seahawks' offensive line performance via @710ESPNSeattle http://t.co/UGc8kfXPMQ http://t.co/FTQLtPYHLx

  7. Free play Alex Smith has cable. Free play Aaron Rodgers has Directv.

  8. "Hi, I'm last year's Oregon offense and I have Direct TV." "And I'm this year's Oregon offense and I have cable." http://t.co/dC2TnfydvL

  9. This Andrew Luck has cable tonight. Sheesh.

  10. Hi, I'm Andrew Luck, and I have DirecTV. And I'm blameless Andrew Luck, and I have cable. And it's my lines fault. And my back's. And my WRs

  11. So many versions of cable TV Andrew Luck in my TL right now... #halftime

  12. Anthony Bennett vs Derrick Williams: Who has DirecTV and who has cable?

  13. What a great time for my cable to go out.

  14. It's the never-ending parade of former coaches. They got Cable out of the way already. https://t.co/uWlk8sF5b6

  15. “Hi I’m Andy Reid and I coach football.” “Hi I’m cable Andy Reid and it’s under two minutes.”

  16. 'Hi, I'm Travis Kelce, and I have DirecTV.' 'And I'm Red Zone Travis Kelce, and I have cable.' Too soon? #Chiefs #NFL

  17. C Samson Satele is expected to visit the Seahawks today. Played center under Tom Cable in Oakland. Satele has started 114 games in 8 seasons. Seahawks waived OL Kona Schwenke, and signed former WR now DB George Farmer. Farmer will wear #41.

  18. Tom Cable: Offensive line gets and "F" grade for Week 1, but we'll improve, via @SoftyKJR http://t.co/C4HdiiGOlK http://t.co/5lauDv5leJ

  19. The other games this weekend had DirecTV. This one has cable.

  20. And I'm Clock Management Eli, and I have cable. http://t.co/jHnw9keJkx

  21. "I'm Just Got Paid Eli Manning, and I have cable."

  22. Alas, JAX hotel doesn't have SEC Network. War Cable!