1. #TBT Thankful for @jonryan9's leg AND arm AND @Garry_Gilliam's hands AND coach Tom Cable. [https://t.co/3Y4VObt1hU] https://t.co/krV3sqX5uk

  2. #Seahawks have a trio of Thanksgiving birthdays today: Jon Ryan, Garry Gilliam and Tom Cable https://t.co/YFb5bZUFD4

  3. #TBT Thankful for Jon Ryan's right leg AND right arm AND Garry Gilliam's multi-talented hands AND coach, Tom Cable.

  4. Asked Tom Cable if he wishes he'd started Patrick Lewis at center earlier. "In hindsight it's easy to say... Yes." Solidifying #Seahawks' OL

  5. Cable said: "You don't get those big numbers like that unless you're doing something good on the edge and on the perimeter."

  6. Video: Coach Tom Cable (nice hat) says #Seahawks O-line is slowing getting there, bit by bit https://t.co/GxDtjN9VM5 @thenewstribune

  7. Seahawks O-line coach Tom Cable said the blocking of the wide receivers and tight ends was part of Seattle's rushing success Sunday.

  8. Dom (and Bob) is an 'Oh Yeah' alum. Cable is in his blood. https://t.co/ID70c0VQJf

  9. Tom Cable: Offensive line gets and "F" grade for Week 1, but we'll improve, via @SoftyKJR http://t.co/C4HdiiGOlK http://t.co/5lauDv5leJ

  10. Tom Cable breaks down the Seahawks' offensive line performance via @710ESPNSeattle http://t.co/UGc8kfXPMQ http://t.co/FTQLtPYHLx

  11. RE #Seahawks O-line: Carroll and Cable preach patience: http://t.co/2I4MFiwHgg Check out the 2015 OL archive: http://t.co/va3W99fUqy

  12. With #Seahawks OL playing poorly in #DETvsSEA, a reminder that Carroll & Cable preach patience: http://t.co/2I4MFiwHgg

  13. Seahawks OL coach Tom Cable says no changes planned to the line this week.

  14. #Seahawks asst Tom Cable on his "really inconsistent" offensive line. "We have to be better. That's the bottom line" http://t.co/JaAa2jp8li

  15. Seahawks O-line coach Tom Cable said TE Jimmy Graham was "much, much better" in pass protection Mon. but has to keep improving in that area.

  16. #Seahawks OL coach Tom Cable sez communication much improved last 2 games. RG J.R. Sweezy says commo the problem. So: A miscommunication

  17. Tom Cable per @Softykjr: "We have to be better, that's the bottom line. Gets down to winning your 1-on-1 battle now." http://t.co/FjpAumJiNu

  18. Tom Cable says his "really inconsistent" #Seahawks offensive line must improve https://t.co/PirGRMObTN Sensing team's patience is waning

  19. Here's a bit more of what Seattle offensive line coach Tom Cable had to say Wednesday: http://t.co/bjga5qnJhS

  20. Pete Carroll and Tom Cable wanted to see improvement from the O-line, and so far they're getting it. One sack allowed and averaging 5.8 YPC.

  21. #SEAvsCIN: Tom Cable so fired up about Rawls' TD run, off a great blocking wall, perfect zone run. First rush TD for Seattle.

  22. Jimmy Graham is SO upset with his role that he pushed Tom Cable after that Rawls touchdown run.

  23. Jimmy Graham there with a bigger hit on Tom Cable (in celebration of Rawls' TD) than some of the blocks he's had so far this season.

  24. See Seahawks-Bengals game, remembering that Tom Cable and Hue Jackson are only coaches to coax non-losing seasons from #Raiders since 2002.

  25. #Seahawks' Carroll was impressed with OL play vs. CIN: "Tom (Cable) and Darrell (Bevell) did a good job in helping them find their rhythm."

  26. Tom Cable on being a running team: "To run it, you’re imposing the human spirit on another man, and that’s not always fun, nor is it easy."

  27. Tom Cable said this week always competition and Nowak and Lewis would continue to rotate in practice.

  28. That was a lot of Carroll-Cable conferencing. Whatever they said to each other, worked. #Seahawks

  29. "It shows that they're learning to work together." -- Tom Cable https://t.co/zdASk2nR9b

  30. ahh.. the glory days when those two high schoolers were on cable access https://t.co/6czkGOM225

  31. Don't think so. Cable has final say over the offensive line, who starts, etc. https://t.co/2WhbNXEzJV

  32. #Seahawks ICYMI: Earl on chemistry Wilson on distractions Cable on OL Baldwin on Bevell Clark on gangs And more https://t.co/7JINJCO9CF

  33. #Seahawks notes: Injuries, Earl rips team, Russell denies he's distracted, Cable & Richard talk issues, etc.: https://t.co/7JINJCO9CF

  34. OL coach Tom Cable nails it when I asked how long can #Seahawks afford to wait for blockers to jell: "What choice do we have?" #reapwhatusow

  35. Tom Cable praised Jimmy Graham for how far he's come as a blocker. Said he has embraced those responsibilities.

  36. Cable said Seattle's O-line took a positive step forward. Noted neither of the 2 sacks allowed were the result of pass-protection breakdowns

  37. The complicated case of Tom Cable via @NathanE11 https://t.co/9MTrj3X774 https://t.co/WUGRTY4SGV

  38. In the end, Seattle's 2015 season will be defined by this: Tom Cable sold the team a bill of goods on this O-line, and everyone's paying.