Run Ball, Kill Clock, Defense Fresh and Opponents Have To Throw The Ball

erik molinaContributor IApril 8, 2010

09 Dec 2001 : Charlie Garner #25 and Tyrone Wheatley #47 of the Oakland Raiders celebrate a touchdown against the kansas City Chiefs during the game at Network Associates Coliseum in Oakland, California. The Raiders defeated the Chiefs 28-26. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Ferrey/Allsport
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Why trade away the picks? Haven't we been burned enough times over the last decade on giving away our draft picks for has beens and never was? This is the biggest reason why this team has been bottom dwellers of the league for so long now.

Everyone knows you build your team through the draft. Everyone but you know who. Sure he has taken some gambles in the past and it has worked out for him very well more often than not even.

However for that to be the building road-map for the organization "We never rebuild we just reload" is a bunch of crap. What have they reloaded in these dark days? Not a damn thing.

Well after dragging the team for nearly half a decade through the mud and every Raider fan with them and not to mention collecting 1st round CB's, they decide it's time to rebuild.

Enter the correct logic, draft OT, QB, RB, TE, WR, FB. All specialty skills group. The problem is getting a hard on for the 40 times instead of the football resumes, character and best player on the board. End result three of the biggest busts per positions LT Robert G., QB  Jamarcus R., WR Darius HB for NFL TOP Ten to rub in you know who's face.

At least Gallery is a decent Guard.

The scene from Pulp Fiction when Marcellus is telling Butch"That’s pride  [sic]’ wit’ you. [Sic] pride! Pride only hurts. It never helps." Comes to mind and that's what some one in the Raiders organization should have told you know who years ago, but no one has any balls and that's another reason why they can't get it right.

The consolation here is even though we missed several early round picks and by that I mean missed on getting franchise players, the Raiders actually drafted fairly well in the mid to late round picks.

What are the only positive attributes of the Oakland Raiders?

Well it used to be said the Raiders can run the ball. Whether they were winning or loosing years the Raiders were "Running Fools." They ran in the 60's, 70's, in LA they ran. No matter who the coach the Raiders ran. Until last year when they over infacized the passing game during most of the training camp, at the cost of neglect to the running game. HC T. Cable is to be blamed as he arrogantly dismissed that this team already knew it can run umm excuse me Tommy but what happened to the run game last year?

Fargus took the brunt of the fault as displayed by his swift exit. If HC T. Cable does not use all of his expert abilities on preparing the O-Line to run block as he did during his first few years with the organization he too will follow right behind Fargus.

The "Real " problem to me with this organization outside of what has been shared thus far is the neglect of drafting O-Line men. So clearly there is a double standard when it comes to first round position picks. Just take a look at the CB vs the LT, QB, DT, DE. Positions that are the building blocks of a team.

It's all too clear for me on what needs to happen. The Raiders need to use the first pick on a LT, think Trent Williams. With the third pick draft either one of the following: OT/G Vladimir Ducasse, OG Jon Asamoah, OG John Jerry. With the fourth round pick look for C M Tennant, C JD Walton and OG M Petrus. The desperately needed FB position can be filled perfectly with one of the fith round picks for FB J. Conners The best blocking FB in this years draft.

So now you can start to see a O-Line that looks like:

      LT                LG               C                RG                 RT

T. Williams        R. Gallery       M. Tennant   J. Asamoah   M. Henderson

K. Barnes        L. Walker       S. Satele       J. Jerry         V. Ducasse

                                     FB         RB

                              J. Conners   M. Bush

                            Luke Lawton  D. McFadden

These draft picks will pave the way in two major ways for OC Hue Jackson and Tom Cable. First they will be able to utilize a power block scheme which Hue is used to which in turns opens up lanes for the RB's. With these mobile big bodies I can just see McFadden catching a short lateral pass on a HB Screen for 10 -15 yrds. Finally the change up in the running style of the RB's will be taken advantage and exploited.

Whom ever the QB is will unquestionably benefet from the run game and improved blocking via the play action calls.

Say good bye to RG Cooper Carlisle, C Chris Morris, OT Eric Pears, OG Rod Brandon.

This brings us to the second strength of the Raiders, the vaunted secondary featuring CB N. Asomugha, FS M. Huff., SS M. Mitchell, SS T. Branch, CB S. Routt and C. Johnson.  I saved the second round pick for this category and with the second round pick they would need to select DT Terrance Cody. Finally the large body that takes up two blockers freeing up DE R. Seymour, DT T. Kelly, DE T. Scott, DE M. Shaughnessy to take on more one on ones which in turns should free up any would be blitzers.

My point here is that we don't need another DB as what is really missing is a pass rush! This will net more turn overs for the Defense and drastically improve the run stopage.


finally with the last 5th rounder they should select an Al Davis pick and one that happens to be in need to address the Special Teams. PR Trindon Holliday, with a 4.34 40 time Al gets his prize and the Raiders get their dynamic PR/KR.

So like I said, build up the O-Line to do what the Raiders always da ball.

Secondly or should I say secondary will benefit most from the improved pass rush and clock eating run game. Opponents will be forced to throw on the raiders something they have not had to do in several years. A true mauler NT who will in turn make shine an already good area of the team the secondary!