Can You Hear Me Now? NFL Week 9 Roundup

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Can You Hear Me Now? NFL Week 9 Roundup

IconSo the Colts have lost two games in a row, Peyton Manning tossed six interceptions against the Chargers, Vinateri missed a possibe game-winning field goal, Harrison, Clark and Gonzalez are out, and it's a possibilty that their best defender (Dwight Freeney) may be out for the season.

Damn it must suck to be a Colts fan right about now.

The Cowboys meanwhile went into New York and beat up on the Giants 31-20, but it really makes you wonder about Eli Manning. Is he really the quarterback of the future for the G-Men?

What in the hell was he thinking getting all those delay of game penalties? Is he confused? Does he not understand that the ball is supposed to be hiked before the clock ticks to zero?

Now I'm confused for Eli and Coach Coughlin.

Oh no...Adrian Peterson suffered a torn ligament in his knee last Sunday against the Packers, and luckily he is only out for about 2-4 weeks. The injury could have been much worse, but this kid is a warrior, and I can't wait to see him get back on the field and show why he is the best young talent in the NFL.

But let's be honest here for a second: with or without Peterson, this team Vikings team still lacks an offense, and needs a QB bad...really bad. Cause that Tavares Jackson guy needs some development and seems to lack passing skills.

IconCan anyone say Colt Brennan?

Everybody seems to think that no matter what he does on the field, Vince Young wins ballgames—but is that really the label that Vince wants associated with his name?

Vince Young has got find ways to get his receivers the ball, because he is one hell of a talent that will succeed in this league when he is more efficient with his passing game and not his legs. The Titans are 6-3, and have mainly relied on their defense to close out games for them—but is that enough to get them deep into the playoffs?

Brett Favre reached the 60,000 passing yard mark for his career on Sunday. How in the world does that team full of nobodys keep winning games?

IconThey Pack are 8-1 in the NFC, and have a 99 year old QB leading the way. So what makes the Packers special?

I got one name for you: WR Greg Jennings.  The kid is straight ballinnnn right now.

Who is Greg Jennings? Just watch the Packers games and highlights, and you will find out for yourself.

The Baltimore Ravens are just flat-out terrible—and that is merely the nice way of saying that they  suck.

What happened to the team that had a great season in 06'? Last season, the offense and defense were both on a roll—but the current offense is an entirely different animal. Mcnair is showing his age, because in his prime he would be unstoppable with the offense the Ravens possess.

Coach Belick is in major trouble here—his team is 4-5, his star QB has only thrown two touchdowns, and his star defender has only one sack.

It's time to put Troy Smith, QB from Ohio State, into the game, and see if he can do what he did last season for the Buckeyes. I mean, he did win a Heisman after all.

And finally: Rex Grossman is back under the center for the Chicago Bears.

Icon Sports MediaThis means trouble for the Bears, because everyone knows that Rex Grossman is not a every down QB, even though he led his team to the Super Bowl last season. However Rex is he ready to prove himself once again as the man for the Bears.

Lovie Smith, here is some advice: at the end of the season, go out and get yourself a real quarterback that can actually throw touchdowns. I think the kid from Louisville is available (Brian Brohm), or maybe Missouri QB Chase Daniel.

Please, just anyone but Grossman. His game makes me G-R-O-S-S-M-A-N.

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