Let's Re-Visit Tom's Fake Field Goal

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Let's Re-Visit Tom's Fake Field Goal
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Tom Cable claims the Oakland Raiders would have made the playoffs if not for the play of their young talented QB. These are bold words coming from the guy who called the infamous fake field goal in Raider.

Many thought this was an aberration in that he was "Just being bold." Ironically that was his his same excuse this year when he called Hail Mary 3 on first down from the goal-line against the Jets(youtube it) down 7 -0 to the Jets leading to a fumble sack on a bewildered Russell. Greg Papa and Jim Plunkett were just as amazed as I was on the call, dubbing this particular playcall as "Too Cute." (I tend to listen to Raider games on the radio as opposed to CBS' biased and hateful broadcasts)

There are many of questionable playcalls amidst the Raiders previous 3 regimes which includes Lame Kiffin, Fart Smell, and the Uber predictable Tom "Basic" Cable, but the fake field goal stands out in my heart as arguably the worst of all time.

Cable only received playcalling duties by default after the most infamous saboteur in recent Raider history was ousted as a "Professional Liar" by the Raiders All knowing, Fear-less leader in Al Davis. This unfortunate fate fell upon the back of the young JaMarcus Russell as this, an unproven, incapable coach held the fate of his success in his playbook.

Cable would immediately forfeit the running game and place the pressure on a group of young, inexperienced receiving corps led by a young, frenetic QB. What ensued was one of the worse offensive products in NFL history all placed on the back of one extremely talented, high paid youngster who preformed well considering he would be sacked the most in the league along with having the most drops and falling to dead last in the running game. Ouch! "We would have made the playoffs if we had a different QB."

Now imagine if the Raiders had a different coach. SB? Maybe? Its Hue Time.

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