Raider Nation Sits Back And Laughs At Chargers Fans Once Again

OAKLANDRAIDERCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2010

It never fails, the San Diego Chargers do what they do best...CHOKE! As I sat back and watched on TV the New York Jets beat the Chargers I couldn't help to laugh, not only did I bet money on the Jets to win but just seeing the Chargers crumble once again in the hands of defeat was great.

Nothing beats seeing poor sport Ladainian Tomlinson sitting on the bench holding back tears, only to walk off the field with his helmet on and black visor covering his water filled eyes.

Nothing beats seeing Norv Turner goofy wrinkled face puzzled on what to do, great call on the onside kick! NOT!

Nothing beats seeing Vincent Jackson kick the red flag after Rex Ryan challenged the play only to see Jackson get a 15 yard unsportsman like conduct penalty.

Nothing beats seeing Nate Kaeding missing 3 FG's at home, there is no way in the world that Nate Kaeding should be on the pro bowl team over Sebastian Janikowski.

Nothing beats seeing Phillip "Cry Baby" Rivers run down the field crying after getting picked off by Darelle Revis.

Nothing beats seeing Shone Greene's 53 yard TD run and then doing LT's Touchdown Celebration LOL!!! That had me cracking up!!!

But most importantly nothing beats seeing San Diego Chargers fans upset and crying once again. For Raiders fans, yesterday was great.

The San Diego Chargers and there fans are so damn cocky for a team that has never and I repeat never won a Super Bowl before. When I say San Diego what comes to mind? Choke Artist, Fakes, Losers, Chumps, Garbage, OVERRATED!!!

This has been going on since 1970, year after year, since the NFL-AFL merger. Get over yourselves Charger fans, this is what you guys do best! Choke.

What cracks me up is that Charger fans are so quick to brag, so quick to be cocky, so quick to talk smack but answer me this? How many Super Bowls have you guys won? Goose Egg, Nadda, Zip, Gilbert Arenas number, ZERO!!!

The fact of the matter is that the last 5 years you guys have had your chances, the Chargers run will soon be over. Weather or not you Charger fans want to believe it, it doesn't matter because you know why? The San Diego Chargers won't be doing anything, expect choking.

After losing the Super Bowl in 1994, it took you guys 10 years to win another AFC West championship in 2004. It goes in cycles, ya'll had your turn and what did you do with it? Choke. Year after year.

Next season the Chargers front office has alot of free agents and descions to deal with.

Daren Sproles, Tomlinson (Do they want to pay him 5 Million dollars for being a role player?) Vincent Jackson, Malcolm Floyd, Kassim Osgood, Brandon Manumaleuna, Marcus McNeill, Shawne Merriman, Tim Dobbins.

Regardless of who is brought back and who is cut, the San Diego Chargers have once again proved why they are the most over rated team in the NFL and why there fan base is full of sorry excuse giving cry babies!

Oakland Raiders Super Bowls = 3

San Diego Chargers Super Bowls = 0