1. Week 12 Scouting Report -- Bills @ Chiefs -- Top 3 Individual Matchups 1. #CoreyGraham vs. Travis Kelce The Chiefs tight end leads the team in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns. He also leads all NFL tight ends in yards after the catch. This will be a matchup that figures to see more than just Graham for the Bills as a coverage assignment. 2. #JerryHughes vs. Eric Fisher Buffalo’s edge rusher has been flipping sides more often than in the past, but a majority of the matchups will be against Fisher. The Chiefs left tackle is part of a line that’s given up 34 sacks, which is third-highest in the NFL this season. 3. #SammyWatkins vs. Marcus Peters The Chiefs rookie cornerback has held his own against top flight competition. Buffalo’s offensive staff is determined to make Watkins a major component of the offense on a more consistent basis. --- Bills Top 2 Advantages Good advantage – Red zone offense The Bills are only near the middle of the pack when it comes to scoring touchdowns in the red zone at almost 53 percent, but the Chiefs struggled defensively inside their 20-yard line. They rank 29th in red zone defense and allow their opponents to string together successful plays 52 percent of the time, which is the highest rate allowed in the league. Best advantage – Pass rush Buffalo’s production had dipped considerably from that of the past two years when it’s come to their pass rush. However, Rex Ryan is back to coaching the defense his way and there’s been a noticeable uptick in their pass pressure the last few weeks. Facing a Chiefs offense that’s 30th in sacks allowed could prove to be a very favorable matchup with or without Mario Williams. --- Credit: BuffaloBills.com --- #BillsFanatics #BillsMafia #BuffaloBills #OneBuffalo

  2. Bills Aim to End Longest Playoff Slump

  3. Sunday showcases #Chiefs’ Marcus Peters, #Bills’ Ronald Darby, both of whom Rex Ryan calls best CBs in 2015 draft: https://t.co/w4PxfwwtCl

  4. Rex Ryan: #Bills DL Kyle Williams likely headed to IR https://t.co/TAd8w3YmUs https://t.co/enc6FYWeUb

  5. Rex Ryan says Kyle Williams’ season is probably over, Mario Williams is out this week https://t.co/e4ntspofNn

  6. Rex: Kyle Williams is likely destined for injured reserve which would leave him out for the rest of the season. https://t.co/7yqM1KaefR

  7. Kyle Williams is likely headed to injured reserve, Bills coach Rex Ryan said Friday. Williams' injured knee is... https://t.co/N6ku2ddOD8

  8. 4 players out for Sunday - Mario, Kyle, Miller & Easley. Rex says looking like Kyle Williams will miss rest of season. #Bills

  9. Rex Ryan said Kyle Williams' knee is not responding to treatment and his season is likely over.

  10. Kyle Williams will likely be going to IR, according to Rex Ryan

  11. Rex Ryan says he doesn't think Kyle Williams will be able to help the Bills the rest of the season. Could go on injured reserve.

  12. Rex Ryan just said here that Kyle Williams is likely headed to injured reserve. Knee hasn't responded.

  13. Rex Ryan just told us that Kyle Williams could go on IR. Not looking good for him.

  14. Rex Ryan says it's possible that Mario Williams could miss more time but that it's not a season-ending injury.

  15. Rex Ryan says Mario Williams did not suffer any foot fracture. So naturally a positive sign for him. https://t.co/nIO10LNi8i

  16. Rex Ryan said it doesn't look good for Mario Williams to play #Bills

  17. Rex Ryan says it doesn't look good for Mario Williams (foot) playing Sunday against Chiefs. https://t.co/M7qkSoislv

  18. New at the BN Blog: #Bills HC Rex Ryan wants Sammy Watkins more involved ... https://t.co/m7mU5ub0ey

  19. Bills coach Rex Ryan on rookie CBs Ronald Darby, Marcus Peters: “These were the two best corners in the draft in my opinion.”

  20. Rex on Marcus Easley: Still going thru concussion protocol, pessimistic about him playing Sunday.

  21. Rex Ryan says Bills were very close to using Richie Incognito on defense Monday night because of defensive line... https://t.co/JohRbp2VnX

  22. Rex - on Kyle Williams. I feel pretty good about the latest MRI results. Looks like he may have chance to return this season. #Bills

  23. Rex Ryan said the Bills were really close to playing Richie Incognito on defense on Monday night because of injuries.

  24. Rex says he feels "good" about #Bills DT Kyle Williams. (MRI shows) "he looks like he has a chance to come back this year" from knee injury.

  25. #Bills HC Rex Ryan: I feel pretty good about Kyle Williams and the latest MRI. Looks like he has a chance to come back this year.

  26. Rex on Kyle Williams: We feel good about the latest MRI. It looks like he may have a chance to come back this year.

  27. Rex Ryan says Bills feel good about Kyle Williams’ latest MRI and it looks like he might have a chance to return this season.

  28. Rex on Mario Williams' status: He's running around on a scooter right now if that gives you any indication.

  29. Mario Williams is on a scooter right now. Rex Ryan on his status: "We'll see."

  30. Rex Ryan on Mario Williams: “We’ll see. He’s running around on a scooter right now if that gives you any indication."

  31. Rex Ryan on #Bills DE Mario Williams (foot). "We'll see. He's running around on a scooter right now, if that gives you any indication."

  32. #Bills HC Rex Ryan: We'll see about Mario Williams. He's running around on a scooter right now if that gives you any indication

  33. Rex: There's also risk-reward. We knew Chris Hogan could've even had a much bigger game if we were more accurate with the football.

  34. Rex says #Bills have to get Sammy Watkins the ball, although notes Chris Hogan might have had "bigger day" v #Patriots w better execution.

  35. #Bills HC Rex Ryan: It's like if you don't use LeSean McCoy, that's a mistake. We need to use Sammy like we do LeSean.

  36. Rex Ryan on Sammy Watkins: "We have to find ways to get him the football. That's a challenge to our staff and even our quarterback."

  37. #Bills HC Rex Ryan: We have to find ways to get Sammy Watkins the football, because he is that kind of talent.

  38. Rex Ryan says the officials did not explain to him why they did not put time back on the clock after the Robert Woods review, but he asked

  39. "We have to find a way to get Sammy Watkins the ball." --Rex Ryan

  40. Rex confirms Ray Lewis spoke to team Sunday night. Eric Wood said same on radio yesterday.