I Was Fooled

Sports Radio NY AM1240-WGBBContributor IJanuary 11, 2010

I know you guys believe I’m an idiot, because after raging on my radio show about how the New York Jets will not make the post-season. “They’ll go 8-8 at best or 6-10 at worse and miss the post-season. Next season will be their year.”

If you really look into the season, I wasn’t crazy for saying the Jets won’t make the post-season. There was a period during the season where nobody believe this team will make the post-season. Who would have believed the undefeated Indianapolis Colts and the AFC North leading Cincinnati Bengals will rollover and die against the Jets on week 15 and 16. Nobody expected the Jets to walk away with a victory against the Colts, I’ll let it slide against the Bengals.

Everyone should understand that the Jets didn’t really deserved to be a playoff team. Their inconsistent defense and not being able to pressure the quarterback brought problems for the Jets. I passing game (Jets receiver Braylon Edwards wasn’t effective like everyone expected) that’s not good and running backs Thomas Jones and rookie Shonn Greene were the best offensive players they had.

Jets quarterback, Mark Sanchez, not being skilled enough and having Jet fans just criticizing him after being so in love with him when the Jets drafted him.

Lets face it, the Jets didn’t get the playoffs, because it was handed to them. The Colts didn’t start Payton Manning after having Jets head coach Rex Ryan bagging for the Colts not to play him throughout the game.

The Bengals got killed like sissy’s against the Jets. The Jets ran through them like a hooker on the street. Beating them 37-0 in week 16 and than 24-14 in the playoffs. Bengals quarterback, Carson Palmer going 1-11 with 1 interception and a 1.7 QB rating. Then getting sacked three times in the playoffs going 18-36 with 1 touchdown reception.

Sanchez played great in his first playoff game. He finished 12-15 with 182 yards and a 139.4 QB rating meanwhile Palmer had a 58.2 QB rating. Greene probably had the best game of his career with 21 rushes and 135 yards with 1 touchdown.

The Jets have the San Diego Chargers coming up next. A team that’s 13-3 and finished with the AFC West lead. Their entering the playoffs on a 11 game winning streak. That explains it all.