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  8. Riding the elevator with Mark Sanchez, someone asked if he was sore. Said he felt like he was in a "10-car accident"

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  12. My editor just told me I called Mark Sanchez "Matt Leinart" in my stories today. Twice.

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  18. Mark Sanchez is sacked. FUMBLES. Lions recover at the Eagles 14. #PHIvsDET

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  20. There's Mark Sanchez, hazy and listless on the Eagles sideline. The eyes of a Manchurian Candidate.

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  33. Not sure you want to see Mark Sanchez blocking for DeMarco Murray there. Unless you want to see the dawn of the Thad Lewis Era.

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  37. Every time they show Mark Sanchez before a snap, I wonder if he's thinking, "Don't buttfumble ... don't buttfumble ... don't buttfumble."

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  44. Mark Sanchez gonna have 8 tackles of DeMarco Murray today.

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  48. Mark Sanchez and Matthew Stafford are the only 2 QB's remaining in the NFL from the 2009 Draft. https://t.co/My9kuVw8fM

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  52. Mark Sanchez has started on Thanksgiving before... ... it, uh... didn't go well. https://t.co/zcS7onM4iD

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  56. Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez, the 1st 2 QBs drafted in 2009, will meet today for the 2nd time in their careers https://t.co/whfHQhf41K

  57. No surprises among #Lions inactives; Mark Sanchez to start for #Eagles. Story: https://t.co/Y3Tc5CHAEU https://t.co/k6n9JAKzgS

  58. QB Sam Bradford inactive for Philly. Mark Sanchez will start at QB. #PHIvsDET

  59. It's the battle of 2009 first round QBs here in Detroit today. No. 1 overall pick Matthew Stafford vs. No. 5 overall pick Mark Sanchez.

  60. Sam Bradford is inactive for the Eagles, so Mark Sanchez gets the start again

  61. Eagles deactivated San Bradford. Mark Sanchez officially starts in another Thanksgiving game.

  62. #Eagles QB Sam Bradford is inactive. It's a second straight start for Mark Sanchez at quarterback. Along the OL, Kelce and Peters are active

  63. Jason Kelce (knee) is active for the #Eagles. So is Jason Peters (back). Mark Sanchez officially gets the start at QB.

  64. Mark Sanchez is expected to start at QB today for the @Eagles on the road at Detroit. https://t.co/jyzoekyRq7 https://t.co/rlsRkRKcez