Which Has More Credibility, the BCS or Tiger Woods?

Tim McGheeCorrespondent IIIDecember 8, 2009

THOUSAND OAKS, CA - DECEMBER 01:  A sign promoting Tiger Woods at the Chevron World Challenge is displayed off the freeway on December 1, 2009 in Thousand Oaks, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Harry How/Getty Images

You have to admit: You wouldn't buy land from either.

Eldrick is up to seven now, with the most credible of those being a porn star, a woman who obviously knows her way around.  Is that it, one may ask?

Then, Bowl Championship Series executive director Bill Hancock (no relation to Tiger) says, actually says to the Associated Press:

"The fact is that the charge of the BCS is to match 1 and 2 in the bowl system.  It's a limited charge.  It's what the BCS is designed to do.  Based on the season's play, we're confident we've matched 1 and 2."

Say what?

I began my engineering career with Union Carbide, what was then an enormous international petrochemical and specialty chemical manufacturer.  Well, Carbide no longer exists in part because obfuscation similar to the "matched 1 and 2" tripe comprised the standard discourse of its culture.

In other words, bulls**t walks.

Forget that Mr. Hancock and his corporate-type friends have forgotten that they set up the system that presented themselves with their limited charge. 

Ignore the fact that the BCS as currently arranged ignores the mid-majors like TCU and Boise State which are on the outside looking in to said bowl system.

And do not give attention to the fact that the BCS pays no attention to those like Cincinnati that are not in a "real" BCS conference, like the SEC or the Big 12 and their corresponding Wesson-oil presidents and athletic directors.  Slip sliding away.

The frustrating part is the system almost works.  Alabama or Texas will be a deserving national champion.

The really frustrating part is we'll never realize the possibilities.  Can't you just imagine what the nuclear offenses of Boise State and Cincinnati would do in that one game?  Better still, what havoc would TCU's shutdown defense wreak on the Tide or the 'Horns?

The sinful part is a pathetic team like one-loss Florida wields a big enough stick to keep TCU out of New Orleans because the SEC is afraid of what the Spitting Lizards could do to its weak, slimy, crybaby Gator asses.

The hilarious part is all the money that is left on the table in the name of turf battles, enclaves, and feifdoms.  Intelligent white men just don't get what kids on a playground completely understand.

A major college championship football game resulting from a 16-team playoff would be bigger than the Super Bowl.