How Will Oakland Handle All The Talent They've Acquired ?

Brendon TateCorrespondent IJune 8, 2008

I have recently written an article concerning the AFC West. In that article I predicted one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.

In this article, I will discuss how the Raiders acquired talent could be over-hyped, overrated, and banged up. Let me re-phrase myself to the people who think I am bashing the Raiders. 

The Raiders have added a plethora of talent, from Javon Walker to DeAngelo Hall. They have picked up many quality players in the draft. The most obvious being Darren McFadden. So, why do people think I am bashing the Raiders ?

All I was saying is that the Raiders may have acquired all this talent, but if it all goes wrong like some expect, the Raiders organization will be haunted, humiliated, and would have to deal with a huge whole in their pocket.

The Raiders have dished out a lot of cash to acquire the talent. To re-state myself from my recent article titled "AFC West: Who will come out on top ?", I will say that I believe that the Raiders have done enough to turn the franchise around. It just will not happen in one year.

Bill Belichick did not do it with the Patriots, and Lane Kiffin will not do it so quickly either. I will say this though; they will have an immediate improvement, if all goes well that is. I believe that the Raiders can handle all of the talent. The real question is can the talent handle the Raiders?

You see guys like Javon Walker, who is coming off knee surgery, and he raises eyebrows in a bad way because he has been bruised up since his time with the Packers and has yet to play a complete season since his second year with Green Bay. I do not think that making Javon Walker one of the highest paid WRs is smart. 

I love the addition of DeAngelo Hall. With Hall, the Raiders are easily in the top two for CB tandems. I also like the addition of Darren McFadden. As long as his legs don't go dead on contact whilst in the NFL, I think he will have a rookie season compared to Adrian Peterson. Also, Gibril Wilson will have a good year with the Raiders. Oakland's secondary will be dangerous in the NFL. Look for an increase in interceptions.

Another notable name the Raiders have signed is Tommy Kelly. I do not agree with the fact that Tommy Kelly got paid so much, when there are other DTs in the league who are better. 

The Raiders are a much better team than last year. They just will not be playoff ready this year. You also have to keep in account that you have not seen JaMarcus Russell play to his full potential, but if he lives up to all the expectations, the Raiders will be a competitor in the AFC West. I see the Raiders finishing 8-8 this upcoming season, if all goes well with the talent.

I do not think that the Raiders will have an immediate turn around. I believe they will give teams more competition, but they will still fall short. You will have to wait until the 2009 season to see the Raiders progress.