The Cheap Way to Dress As Your Favorite NFL Star For Halloween, Vol. 2

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IOctober 27, 2009

For those of you who are looking to be particular NFL players but don't want to spend a whole lot, I offer up these following suggestions...

Just go around punching people out and say you're Raiders coach Tom Cable (and those of you who like props, pick up a pair of boxing gloves)

Dawn a Peyton Manning jersey and (if you're at an office party) aggravate your boss and say you're Titans coach Jeff Fisher .

Sneak up behind everybody in the room and surprise them and say you're Broncos coach Josh McDaniels .

Run around the room mooning people and say you're 49ers coach Mike Singletary .

Constantly be looking over your shoulder the whole night and say you're Redskins coach Jim Zorn .

Have somebody accidentally bump into you and then cry foul and make a big deal about it, and say you're Patriots quarterback Tom Brady .

Put on a diaper and suck on a pacifier and say you're Bears quarterback Jay Cutler .

Whenever you're asked to pass a drink, give it to the wrong person and or drop it and say you're Raiders quarterback (for the time being) Jamarcus Russell .

Talk a lot of smack about an old friend of yours, claim it's water under the bridge, but secretly harbor a grudge and say you're Vikings quarterback Brett Favre .

For those of you who do need a costume, but on the cheap, just dawn a white ghost sheet and say you're Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens (or just say you're the invisible man, either would work in his case).

Constantly forget specific numbers and times, i.e. claim the liquor store is still open for another hour even though it's closed, or say there is plenty of refreshments left but they're all but gone, and say you're Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo .

Be silent and make no impression for the whole night, and then suddenly do something worthy of attention, and talk as much smack as you possibly can, and then be silent again and say you're Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey .