Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley: WWE Clash of Champions Winner and Reaction

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2016

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Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks and Bayley in a Triple Threat match Sunday at WWE Clash of Champions to retain the Raw Women's Championship.

The match saw a series of near-falls, with one wrestler coming in to break up the pin. Charlotte solved the problem by taking Sasha out of the equation and pinning Bayley.

The champion delivered a big boot to Bayley, and Bayley's momentum knocked Sasha off the apron. As Bayley rebounded off the ropes, Charlotte connected with a second big boot to earn the win.

WWE Universe noted she's now 12-0 in pay-per-view matches in WWE.

Charlotte celebrated with Dana Brooke in the ring, courtesy of WWE:

Wherever he is, Ric Flair, Charlotte's father, is celebrating like only The Nature Boy can:

Bleacher Report's Ryan Dilbert thought the match added to the transformation of women's wrestling in WWE:

SmackDown women's champion Becky Lynch shared her appreciation of the contest:

After the match, Charlotte took to Twitter to offer her thoughts on the win: 

Charlotte injured The Boss at SummerSlam en route to victory Aug. 21, and it looked as though she had put her chief rival out of commission in the process.

Sasha was out of action for a couple of weeks and announced she had some bad news to reveal to the WWE Universe on Raw. Most assumed that meant she would miss a significant amount of time, but Sasha swerved everyone, including Dana.

When Dana crashed the segment and attempted to add insult to injury, The Boss turned the tables by putting her in a Bank Statement and announcing her intention to take on and defeat Charlotte at Clash of Champions, as WWE shared:

Although Sasha was owed an automatic rematch for the title, Raw general manager Mick Foley made things interesting the following week by setting up a Triple Threat match between Sasha, Bayley and Dana for the right to face Charlotte at Clash of Champions.

Bayley had defeated Charlotte in a non-title singles match one week earlier thanks to some botched interference from Dana, but she took the fall in the Triple Threat match as Sasha rolled her up and seemingly secured the championship rematch.

After establishing herself as the No. 1 contender once again, Sasha made it clear she intended to take back the Raw Women's Championship and embarrass Charlotte in the process:

A wrench was thrown into the works the following week, however, as Foley determined that both Sasha and Bayley had their shoulders down on the pin, which prompted him to make the title bout a Triple Threat match.

Despite that, Sasha entered Clash of Champions with plenty of confidence.

In addition to defeating Charlotte for the Women's Championship on Raw in the weeks leading up to SummerSlam, she beat Charlotte to win the NXT Women's Championship as well.

While Charlotte did win her rematch at SummerSlam, no woman in the company has enjoyed more success against Charlotte than Sasha.

Considering Charlotte's squabbles with Dana put her potential advantage in jeopardy, Sasha's chances of becoming the two-time Raw women's champion looked strong.

At the same time, though, Bayley defeated Sasha in a pair of huge NXT Women's Championship matches, and with a singles win over Charlotte on the main roster to her credit as well, she was a strong contender in her own right.

Charlotte is among the most resourceful and cunning competitors in WWE, however, and she tends to find a way to win by hook or by crook, much like her father.

That is precisely what she did at Clash of Champions, furthering her reputation as the company's most dominant female wrestler.

While Charlotte escaped Clash of Champions with the title, Sasha and Bayley don't figure to go away anytime soon. Plus, both Dana and Nia Jax could insert themselves into the championship picture, which means Charlotte's reign is far from safe.


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