10 Bargain Bin Players For The Fantasy Faithful: No. 6-10

David LightContributor IJuly 31, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - MAY 1: Running back LeSean McCoy #29 of the Philadelphia Eagles runs the ball during minicamp practice at the NovaCare Complex on May 1, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)

If a fantasy football player learns anything from long hours of arduous mock drafts and meticulous stat combing, it's that you can never have too many wild cards in your back pocket come draft day.

In 10 Bargain Bin Players For The Fantasy Faithful: No. 1-5 we looked at the cream of the crop in late-round wonders, but now we really dig deep and find the final five players that you might find a bit easier to get your information-loving little hands on.

Who are the best remaining values? If you don't know, then you're reading the right article, because numbers six through ten start on the next page.

6. QB David Garrard (JAC)
After an impressive 2007 season that saw Garrard rise near the top of QB ratings, the injury bug hit Jacksonville and all bets were off. Garrard played without both his starting guards for all 16 games, his starting center for eight games, backup RG for eight games and saw the loss of competing LOT Richard Collier for life, after his tragic shooting just weeks before the season began.

Since then, Jacksonville signed Pro Bowl LOT Tra Thomas, drafted Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton in the first two rounds, and saw the return of all three of their starting interior lineman. If that wasn't enough of an improvement, the team ditched its starting receivers (and busts) Reggie Williams, Matt Jones and Jerry Porter, traded away Dennis Northcutt, signed Torry Holt, and drafted three more receivers.

Holt might not be the wunderkind he was in St.Louis all those years, but he's certainly an improvement over anything Jacksonville has had since Jimmy Smith retired. And then there's the emergence of Mike Walker as the No. 2 wide out. Walker is a supremely talented receiver who started over Brandon Marshall at UCF and has barely seen the field since he was drafted two years ago. He's been going through an emotional and physical roller coaster that would put lesser men on the brink of retirement.

Despite a dreadful 2008 season in which the Jaguars dropped from 11-5 to 5-11, and owned the infamous title of most hit quarterback in the NFL, Garrard still managed to produce Top 10 QB numbers for the second consecutive year. And once again, he did his best work down the final stretch of the season.

With an improved offensive line and receiving corps, David Garrard looks to continue his streak as a Top 10 fantasy QB, even if no one is watching.

7. RB Donald Brown (IND)
When Joseph Addai scored 16 touchdowns in 2007 in a timeshare, the bandwagon filled up with the departure of Dominic Rhodes for what appeared to be a seamless transition to a feature back role. Despite the warning signs of injury and ineffectiveness down the stretch of 2007, fantasy players everywhere shut their eyes and presumed the best. Ouch! Addai produced only 544 rushing yards on 3.5 YPC in 2008 and saw his receptions cut down by more than a third.

The reality is, Addai is best suited in a complementary role, and when the Colts drafted Donald Brown in the first-round of the 2009 NFL Draft, that's exactly what they were hoping to accomplish. Brown lead the nation with 2,083 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns as a junior coming out of college, and he is less of a scat back than Addai, though not exactly a downhill runner.

The fact that these two are similar to one another in terms of what they bring to table means that who gets what role will likely be determined in camp, which is actually more of a positive than a negative for a late-round pick.

Expect to see Brown win out on the goal line by process of elimination, and be in fierce competition for third downs. Winning either of these two jobs and participating in a true timeshare could mean a very nice sleeper for fantasy owners in 2009. Don't be surprised if Brown puts up more fantasy points than Joseph Addai this season.

8. RB LeSean McCoy (PHI)
Heading into the 2008 season, Brian Westbrook was supposed to be the "safe pick" for fantasy stalwarts. Westbrook was coming off back-to-back seasons with 1900+ total yards and double-digit touchdowns, and seemed to have begun to shrug off the injury concerns that plagued him early in his career. Alas, it all came crashing down last season.

While Westbrook played in 14 games in 2008, he was limited in many, and inefficient in others. Westbrook saw his lowest yards per catch (7.4) in his seven-year career, and his lowest yards per carry (4.0) since 2005. Despite being highly productive in spurts (he did score 13 touchdowns), as a whole, Westbrook's season was a disappointment for both fantasy owners and Eagles' fans alike.

Concerns about Westbrook's ability to carry the offense on his own, as well as his age, lead many to believe that the Eagles would look for help in the 2009 NFL Draft, and that's exactly what they did.

LeSean McCoy, who fell to the bottom of the second-round after a disappointing combine absence, seems to be exactly the type of player one would groom to be Westbrook's replacement.

McCoy, much like Westbrook, is a player that would stand to thrive in a committee role, jumping in on third downs and creating mismatches out of the backfield. While I expect McCoy to impede on some of Westbrook's duties, the real value comes from the news this offseason that Westbrook underwent surgery to clean up bone spurs in his right ankle and is unlikely to be ready for the preseason.

If Westbrook is anything less than himself, particularly early in the season, expect McCoy to takeover. Should McCoy be given such an opportunity and thrive, or should the Eagles' season go downhill, don't be surprised to see Westbrook out of Philadelphia before season's end. The fans may love the shifty veteran, but it's a young man's game, and Westbrook has 10,000 yards of traction on him.

9. WR Torry Holt (JAC)
When Jacksonville signed Torry Holt this offseason to an incentive-laden contract, they weren't expecting the 33-year-old veteran to cure the Jimmy Smith blues that have been roaming around the locker room since 2006. However, they do think he has more left in the tank than leaked out in his final season with St. Louis, which was a season that left more to be desired from "Big Game" Holt.

Failing to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark for the first time since his rookie yearand failing to score more than three touchdowns for the first time everHolt was overvalued by many last season, to say the least.

In 2009, however, Holt will have a chance to determine if last year was just a fantasy hiccup, or a big fall for the "Big Game." Lining up with a Top 10 fantasy QB and joining an offense that desperately needs a receiver to throw to, Holt will have every opportunity to redeem himself next season.

While he may not be the receiving threat he was some years ago, he's still a starting receiver on a team that has a commitment to throwing the ball more, particularly down field.

10. RB Fred Taylor (NE)
When Fred Taylor dropped from an impressive 1,202 yards on 5.4 YPC in 2007, to 556 yards on 3.9 YPC in 2008, many may have closed the book on Taylor. Not so fast, says I.

While Taylor's YPC dropped drastically in 2008, it actually wasn't that far off from teammate Maurice Jones-Drew's (4.2). And with quarterback David Garrard becoming the most hit QB in the league last season, one could make a good case that Taylor's drop-off was as much a product of his offensive line, as it was his age.

We'll find out in 2009, when Fred Taylor will play for the New England Patriots. While it's true that the Patriots are well-known in fantasy circles to set fire to the value of running backs on their team, it should be noted that they haven't had a back as talented (albeit old) as Fred Taylor in the Bill Belichick era.

If Taylor has anything left in the tank, there's not a better place in the league for him to show it than in an offense with Tom Brady, Wes Welker, and Randy Moss.

Taylor is used to being keyed in on, and perhaps for the first time in a decade he'll have an opportunity to operate in space. Don't expect a Randy Moss-like revival, but don't be surprised if you get Corey Dillon. Belichick will play the best player, and this bodes just fine for Taylor's stock.

At 33-years-old, Fred Taylor isn't exactly keeper league potential in 2009. He is, however, one of the most undervalued backs in fantasy, and shouldn't be overlooked late in your draft.

If the savvy vet has what it takes to hold off oft-injured Laurence Maroney, then there should be a lot of fantasy scraps left on the table for a starting running back in the New England offense.

Top 10 Bargain Bin Players For The Fantasy Faithful

1. RB Chris Wells (ARI)
2. RB Ray Rice (BAL)
3. WR Eddie Royal (DEN)
4. WR Donnie Avery (STL)
5. RB Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)
6. QB David Garrard (JAC)
7. RB Donald Brown (IND)
8. RB LeSean McCoy (PHI)
9. WR Torry Holt (JAC)
10. RB Fred Taylor (JAC)

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