Brock Lesnar's Rematch with John Cena Must Be More Brutal Than SummerSlam Bout

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistAugust 21, 2014

Don't expect Brock Lesnar to be stopped anytime soon.
Don't expect Brock Lesnar to be stopped anytime soon.Photo Credit:

Brock Lesnar is our new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the WWE Universe should get used to it.

Those words are more prominent than ever, especially if you saw SummerSlam on August 17.

Lesnar, alongside his manager Paul Heyman, entered his match against John Cena the same way as always: Calm, collected and ready to unleash hell.  Lesnar bringing the pain is the understatement of the year.

Lesnar demolished Cena in a squash match, when he delivered 16 German suplexes to the former champion. He then used ground-and-pound to control the bout. Cena staggered and even hit an Attitude Adjustment, but then, Lesnar sat up and continued his relentless assault.

Lesnar would counter the STF submission maneuver and hit a second F-5 to become champion. The Beast has claimed the title as his own.

Though, it was one-sided, maybe a bit uncomfortable for some to watch, Cena kept coming for more. In retrospect, maybe he wishes he stayed down.

This was arguably Lesnar’s most dominating victory. It begs the question why a rematch is set for Night of Champions on September 21. Cena’s rematch clause grants him that rematch. However, the match may look worse for the former champion the second time around.

Brock Lesnar and John Cena’s rematch must be more brutal than their SummerSlam bout.

It makes sense if they want to keep Lesnar’s realistic in-ring persona in check, to the fans’ liking. Why would you want a fair bout spotlighting both after that vicious attack from Lesnar?

Take a look at the UFC, Lesnar’s old stomping grounds. Lesnar’s track record is an impressive lineup of heavyweights, including Randy Couture.

Lesnar’s dominance only mirrors his UFC wins, where he steamrolled through the heavyweight division. And he wasn’t healthy at the time, battling diverticulitis at the time.

It seems impossible to take the title from Lesnar anytime soon, considering his part-time schedule and of course his current good health. It’s an ill-advised move for Cena to use his rematch clause too early.

That’s your hook right there. Lesnar is clearly the better of the two on every level from athletic ability to wrestling background. Cena probably won’t be booked as 100 percent healthy by Night of Champions.

The bout must feature a sadistic Lesnar, going the extra step to finish Cena and maybe end his career. However, being more ruthless doesn’t mean a squash should happen.

Give credit where it’s due; John Cena is a made man. He needs to have his vicious side come out. Granted, it should prove in vain as Lesnar should retain the coveted title, which doesn’t mean we, as fans, should be deprived of a main event fight.

Let both turn loose on each other. Let this match turn into a battle of titans. In one corner, the man who claims to never give up must regain what was his. In the other, the ruthless champion, Lesnar prepared to send Cena to the hospital.

This is the rematch we deserve to make everyone happy (well, almost everyone). Upping the brutality does not make it a squash. It just creates a better bout.

Brock Lesnar’s rematch with John Cena’s must be more vicious than their SummerSlam match. Frankly, the WWE deserves a true main event between these two titans. Time for these two to face off on September 21.