Mr. Manchester United Gets Club Crest Tattoo on His Forehead

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterAugust 20, 2014


A Manchester United fan in Bulgaria, who fought a 15-year campaign to change his name to that of the club, has celebrated the end of the legal fight with a tattoo of the crest on his forehead.

Manchester Zdravkov Levidzhov-United—or Mr. Manchester United for short—came to prominence earlier in the year after an interview in the Manchester Evening News, a story which we also wrote about.

But back then, with a mere name change and a cat by the name of David Beckham, his loyalty evidently wasn't clear enough.

So he got the tattoo.

As per The Sun (subscription required), via the Irish Independent:

Speaking to The Sun through a translator, the football-mad Bulgarian says it confirms his commitment to the Red Devils.

'The tattoo's my ID card,' he said. 'People don't look at me in a funny way, they look in admiration.'

'Now, whenever someone asks my name, I point to my forehead and smile. It makes me stand out and proves my loyalty to United,' he added.


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