WWE Money in the Bank 2014: Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at Event

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistJune 19, 2014

Credit: wwe.com

With the always exciting Money in the Bank pay-per-view less than two weeks away, the WWE Universe is gearing up for one of the most hotly contested events of the year.

As the temperatures on the thermometer continue to rise, so will the level of competition in a WWE ring.

With the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on the line in a Money in the Bank Ladder match, the stakes are the highest they have ever been for each competitor involved. However, at the end of the evening, several Superstars could very well end up showing completely different attitudes than they have shown in the past.

First, with the implosion of The Shield, Seth Rollins has emerged as a hated heel that fans cannot wait to see get his just desserts. But when the dust settles on June 29th, his former friend Roman Reigns could be just as (if not more) hated than Rollins currently is. And while it seems as if Reigns is primed for huge things in the future, he may not want to take a difficult road to get there.

Credit: wwe.com

It seems as if all roads to the world title go through The Authority, but Reigns found a quick and easy way around that on Raw, slipping something into Stephanie McMahon’s coffee and then tricking acting authority figure Vickie Guerrero into allowing him to compete in a qualifying Battle Royal for the Money in the Bank match.

If Reigns is willing to take these steps, what is to prevent him from doing more things like this in the future? In those future scenarios, it may be his fellow good guys who he is messing with, not hated authority figures.

Reigns never seemed to care about pleasing fans in the past, but now he suddenly does? That could spell trouble for anyone naive enough to trust him.

And while Reigns certainly could make a shocking heel turn, there is another Superstar who has seemed destined for one for a long time now.

Always full of attitude, Cameron has recently begun to show a more tenacious side, often at the expense of her tag team partner Naomi. Though she did not succeed in defeating Divas champion Paige on Raw, Cameron was there ringside for Naomi’s match with the young Brit on Main Event.

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And while her mean streak was evident in her own match, Cameron let loose with a hearty shove of the champ after she tried to congratulate Naomi.

While her partner stood idly by, Cameron got what was coming to her as Paige attacked and sent her to the floor.

It is very possible that we may see Cameron begin to alienate her partner even further, perhaps ending with some type of confrontation between the two at the upcoming pay-per-view.

And while every Diva needs her stage, why not let it be one of the biggest of the year for Cameron to show her true colors and finally break up the Funkadactyls?

Speaking of stages, or more specifically showmanship, another superstar who could soon be headed down a different path is the newly debuted Stardust.

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In truth Cody Rhodes under the bodysuit and makeup, this over-the-top persona is not one that should last for very long. Sure, it was kind of endearing to see the Rhodes brothers on the same page and finally able to defeat Rybaxel, but at what cost for Cody?

Once a serious world title contender, he has seen his stock plummet in recent months due in large part to he and his brother losing the WWE tag team titles and then going on a lengthy losing streak. He even abandoned Goldust for several weeks, pawning lower-tier partners off on him until debuting his new, albeit odd, character on Raw.

And while their victory surely tasted sweet, it may not take long for Rhodes to sour on his new character and finally leave his brother high and dry in the middle of the ring, culminating in the long-anticipated feud between the siblings.

But the news may not be entirely bad for the fans thinking that every turn will be for the worst.

One major star could very well be a firm fan favorite by the end of the Money in the Bank event.

While he claims to have the whole world in his hands, Bray Wyatt could absolutely have the entire WWE Universe eating out of it by night’s end.

Credit: wwe.com

Already receiving wild cheers in many arenas across the world, Wyatt has become an unlikely hero to many for reasons that are not immediately clear. He and his followers are tough, mean, mysterious and, most of all, intriguing. One never knows what they will say or do moment to moment, and the prospect of their antics are worth the price of admission alone.

While Wyatt may be making a face turn, don’t expect Erick Rowan and Luke Harper to follow suit.

Wyatt will need fresh meat to carve up once he turns, and his former colleagues will be the perfect guys to serve as sacrificial lambs, which is fitting given Rowan’s choice of facial accessories.

And whether or not these possible turns actually take place, the WWE Universe will have a brand new world heavyweight champion at the end of the night.

Depending on who exactly that champion is, that could then cause other Superstars to question their current positions. And that would allow the speculation over who will be the next Superstar to make a face or heel turn begin all over again.