Drake Skips NBA Finals, Hits Up Minute Maid Park to Watch Houston Astros Win

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 13, 2014


You know it's a weird week in sports when Drake turns down an NBA Finals game in Miami to watch the Houston Astros play.

Nevertheless, the hip-hop star wisely avoided the sinking ship that is the Miami Heat in favor of showing love to Houston—his home away from home.

Sporting a custom Astros jersey, Drake kicked off his "Houston Appreciation Weekend" by signing balls and taking pictures with fans at Minute Maid Park Thursday night. Sportscasters took a moment to speak on the rapper's tryst with the city, saying Drake told the Houston faithful they were part of "the greatest city in the world."

Drake fans know his love affair with Houston goes way back and that this wasn't another one of his pandering ploys. The Toronto-born artist raps about the Texas city constantly and sports an Astros tattoo on his shoulder.

CSN sideline reporter Julia Morales said Drake told fans at the ballpark about his tattoo and dropped a cheesy line.

"He said that he does have the tattoo," Morales said. "He wears Houston 'on his skin and in his heart.' And then he joked. He was like, 'I've been working on that line for a while.'"

Oh, Drake. You silly, Houston-loving man with the city of Toronto on your back.

Say what you want about the man; he made the right call Thursday night. The Astros continued their breakout success with a 5-4 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks, while the Heat—Drake's erstwhile love affair—chalked up their third loss against in San Antonio Spurs in the Finals. 

Maybe Drake knew it was time to jump ship. Maybe he sensed the end coming for Miami. Maybe he doesn't care either way.

Regardless, the rapper turned down the biggest game in America to cheer on a team whose television audience amounts to three dudes and a cocker spaniel.

Let's not get too optimistic, but there may be hope for him yet.


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