Best Athlete Photobombs

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 1, 2014

Best Athlete Photobombs

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, we could probably waste just a few of them discussing the finer points of the knuckleheads in the background. 

    For those who like a little extra something with their pictures, we give you athletes and the fine art of the photobomb. 

    For the purposes of whittling down some of the best, we have included athletes either dropping bombs or getting blown up by others. So we apologize to the truly legendary awkward guy who was standing behind Erin Andrews, because you will not feature. 

    Well, except for that link, we guess.

    Though we doubt it, we might be wrong in considering this the best of the photobomb bunch, so feel free to offer your own candidates below. 

Jacoby Jones

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    Photo Credit: Renato Mazariegos Twitter

    Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones had just enough moves to come in third during Dancing with the Stars last year, but he more than made up for it with this look

    Olympian Aly Raisman, thankfully, chose to field questions with a straight face. 

Minnesota Gophers Baseball

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    Skip, you may have lost some of your players for a moment. 

    As NESN spotted back in May of 2013, the Gophers decided they had waited long enough to get a proper shave. 

    Sure, coach John Anderson was giving a television interview, but a gentleman isn't a gentleman without a clean shave during the game. 

Willie Randolph

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    We will gladly include two former athletes into this breakdown, especially when one of them provides the only entertaining moment of this lengthy interview. 

    For the Win has a GIF and near six-minute video of Joe Girardi answering questions about the upcoming season. 

    For our purposes, we included the YouTube version, which features coach Willie Randolph popping up and stealing the show from Girardi, who has absolutely no clue. 

    You win everything, Randolph. 

Hall of Fame Bomber: Chris Bosh

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    There will be a day when Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh will decide to hang up the proverbial sneakers and call it a career. 

    He will head into retirement a champion and one of the better big men of his era, but he is legendary when it comes to ruining an otherwise boring photo opportunity. 

    Who needs throwaway answers and cliche responses when you have Bosh?

Alex Smith

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    This goes down as one of my favorite photobombs of all time, largely because it came out of nowhere, featuring an anonymous fan who pretty much saved an otherwise ordinary Alex Smith interview. 

    The 49ers had just taken care of the Detroit Lions in a 2012 game, but it was this hoodie-wearing hero who really won the day. 

The Miami Heat at the White House

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    GIF Credit: SBNation

    It's not enough to win NBA hardware—the Miami Heat have to include photobomb mastery to the list of things they are good at. 

    Granted, this entire moment is staged and from a much larger Let's Move initiative, but the sight of LeBron James holding a hoop for First Lady Michelle Obama to dunk on is just too good to ignore. 

    This was the photobomb dunk heard around the Internet, getting picked up by SB Nation, Business Insider, The Huffington Post and more. 

Tiger Woods

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    Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

    Go ahead and try to hammer down the best aspect of this image. 

    The obvious might be the fan wearing a Green Man suit, but we can't get over the other people next to him who are completely bored with the sight. 

    When it comes to the gallery at some tournaments, a Green Man walking the links is a welcome and expected image. We are guessing he left his volleyball at home, though. 

Alex Morgan

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    Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

    Please don't make any big movements or giant gestures with your arms, because you will scare away the rare moment a photog caught an Alex Morgan creeper on camera. 

    Sadly, they are fairly abundant and can be spotted pretty much anywhere the soccer star makes an appearance. 

Hall of Fame Bomber: Aaron Rodgers

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    Photo Credit: YouTube

    Aaron Rodgers' profession mandates he toss the football to all corners of the field. Fortunately, he's pretty damn good at doing just that. 

    However, his hobby seems to be standing in the background as his colleagues get photographed. The best part is that he is barely visible in most of them, giving Packers fans a game of "Where's Rodgers?" to play. 

    We like to remind you that the star quarterback is quite prolific at his craft. There is even a seven-minute YouTube video dedicated to his lesser known body of work. 

    Waste your time accordingly. 

Reggie Miller

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    There is never a dull moment when Reggie Miller and Spike Lee are involved. From Miller draining threes and holding his throat to Lee ruining a perfectly fine report from the former NBA star, we can't get enough. 

    Of course, this moment is made all the better with whom we presume is Charles Barkley offering, "He was barely tall enough to get over his shoulder."

Robert Griffin III

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    Photo Credit: Armchair Quarterback Twitter

    This image via Armchair Quarterback Twitter remains one of the best, largely for featuring a name that will cause you to instantly transport to the 1990s.

    Yes, the man being photobombed by Redskins star QB Robert Griffin III is none other than Ken Starr, whom USA Today reminds was "the former independent counsel in the Monica Lewinsky scandal."

    Hooray for political nostalgia. 

Bryce Harper

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    Photo Credit: YouTube

    Melanie Iglesias is co-host of Off the Bat, a new show brought to fans through a team effort between MLB and MTV2. Bryce Harper is a Washington Nationals slugger. 

    Together, they make one hell of a photo. 

    Too bad Iglesias had no way of knowing that this solo shot was a beautiful duet. Clown pic, bro. 

Cincinnati Bearcats Baseball

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    This is some next-level stuff right here. 

    The Cincinnati Bearcats took regular photographic tomfoolery and made it performance art, bringing fans a smattering of brilliant photobombs you can try at home. You just need a camera and a few of your closest knuckleheads. 

Hall of Fame Bomber: Ray Whitney

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    The Dallas Stars' Ray Whitney is pretty much renowned for his ability to steal the spotlight from any and all colleagues who are getting interviewed. 

    Here he is breaking down his other life's passion while he was with the Phoenix Coyotes. Chances are great that Whitney is somewhere behind you if you are answering a reporter's questions. 

Joe Kelly

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    Photo Credit: FSMidwestGirls Twitter

    Much thanks to Total Pro Sports for spotting a wealth of sports bombs, but we really enjoy the work of Cardinals pitcher Joe Kelly, who is seen here being held for his photo op. 

    Fox Sports Midwest Girls had the joy of later noticing that this image featured one of the greatest characters in the game. 

    Now if you think you can wait out Kelly, forget about it because he isn't beyond holding up a playoff game to make his point. 

Gerald McCoy

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    Photo Credit: NFL Twitter

    The NFL Pro Bowl is only slightly about football. Having watched a collective two minutes of the game over the last decade, I can say that it's more about fun, laughs and attempting to tackle the softest way possible. 

    The 2014 game featured J.J. Watt getting interviewed. Here he is attempting to answer in what looks to be the most serious manner possible. 

    Thankfully, Gerald McCoy saves the day

Kevin Durant

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    It used to be that NBA stars would finish a game and head to the locker room. Now when the game ends, the real business at hand begins. 

    Fox Sports spotted this Vine video of Kevin Durant stealing every last ounce of Jeremy Lamb's thunder. 

Hall of Fame Bomber: Sergio Romo

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    Photo Credit: Ash Twitter

    If you ever need Giants closer Sergio Romo, forget phoning him or shouting his name; just turn on the camera and point it at someone else. 

    In time, he will appear from nowhere. 

    A tip of the hat to Twitter user Ash for the collage of wackiness. 

David Wright and the Uptons

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    Photo Credit: MLB Fan Cave

    Yahoo! Sports' Mark Townsend spotted this image from MLB Fan Cave of David Wright attempting to get in on a photo shoot of the world's most famous Uptons. 

    Unfortunately, Wright didn't make the final cover. Also of the unfortunate variety is that the Braves had to take back B.J. Upton after the shoot, because we have to think even Kate would provide a batting average north of .200. 

Nick Young

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    GIF Credit: @CJZero Twitter

    First, we have to tip our hats to CJ Fogler for once again capturing a beautiful sports moment in GIF form. As Larry Brown Sports' Larry Brown points out, this is Lakers star Nick Young celebrating what he believes is a most wondrous three-point shot. 

    Granted, this isn't a photobomb in the classical sense, but we hope you will forgive us this one for the finale. There really isn't a more hilarious photobomb than the one provided by this comedic clank. 

    Bricks can be funny.