Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan Reading the 'Space Jam' Script Is Poetry

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 24, 2014

Screenshot via Instagram

You live for moments like this.

We may never see a Space Jam reboot in our lifetime, but we now have the next best thing: Blake Griffin reading the script alongside cast members of The League.

Update: Thursday, April 17, 2:53 p.m. ET

Thanks to Funny or Die, we have our first look at the live reads, and they look hilarious. 

DeAndre Jordan's impression of Charles Barkley might be the highlight.

---End of update---

Indeed, like sweet manna from heaven, this most excellent gem falls into our lap courtesy of Ananth Pandian of Hardwood Paroxysm.

Both Griffin and DeAndre Jordan stopped by Jensen Karp and Sean O’Connor’s “The Live Read” show to do a bit of script work alongside a panel of comedians and actors, including Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Danielle Fishel and Ben Schwartz.

Griffin took the lead, playing both young and adult Michael Jordan.

Unsurprisingly, no one could keep a serious face as The Blakeshow unloaded Jordan’s most poignant lines from the film. Instagram video of Griffin playing adult Jordan was uploaded by @oceana_roll.

“So, are we ready to go out there and have some fun?” Griffin asks. 

“Ready to take it to the rack, Jack!” Nick Kroll answers, playing the role of Daffy Duck.

This is what Space Jam was all about—putting athletes and trained actors in the same room and making clumsy magic.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for the full-length version to hear DeAndre Jordan deliver Charles Barkley’s lines. Pandian reports that Funny Or Die was on hand to shoot the reading, and the site will presumably release a director’s cut sometime in the near future. 

The people need to hear DeAndre Jordan deliver Barkley’s “Hey, can I play?”

The children need to hear it.

Pandian also writes that Blake could be making a bid for Michael Jordan’s role should a Space Jam sequel receive the green light in Hollywood.

“With rumors swirling that LeBron James may act in a sequel to “Space Jam”, could Griffin actually get the role now that he has some practice with the original?” 

While the present author believes any pitches for a Space Jam 2 should be shot down with a rocket-propelled grenade, he does agree that Griffin would make an exponentially better main character than LeBron James.

Griffin has the chops as he’s proved time and again in his commercials.

If anyone in the NBA can make a poorly written script funny, it’s this man.

Go ahead, Blake. We’re looking forward to you saving Tune Land and teaching us all a life lesson about the importance of the placebo effect.


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