Simple Equation: Brett Favre+Vikings=Super Bowl

General PeppersCorrespondent IMay 28, 2009

LAKE BUENA VISTA, FL - FEBRUARY 28:  In this handout photo provided by Disney , Brett Favre, who recently announced his retirement, lounges with Goofy on February 28, 2009 at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Favre, who holds multiple NFL records including most passing yards in a career, is at Walt Disney World this weekend for 'ESPN The Weekend,' a sports-themed fan event held at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park.  (Photo by Matt Stroshane/Disney Via Getty Images)

Sounds a bit goofy for Vikings fans to be clamoring to sign the greatest Packer of all time isn't it?


Excusing bad pun and fan-inspired hyperbole in titles, the Vikings could do no wrong committing it all to Brett Favre. Even in his worst days, he is better than Tarvaris Jackson, David Booty, and Sage Rosenfels combined. Booty has shown no signs of growth, Tarvaris can't throw past fifteen yards accurately, and Sage isn't a winner. The Vikings wouldn't need Brett Favre to win games with his arm consistently or even throw 25 times a game. All he has to do is make good throws when defenses put 37 guys in the box to stop Adrian Peterson.

The chance to win Super Bowls is short and no other trophy grants such a grace period for those that win them.

The Super Bowl removes monkey's off backs. Ask Steve Young.

The Super bowl turns players from unknown to famous or infamous---Hello Atlanta cornerbacks and Raiders offensive linemen--- so quickly.

All it took was one Super Bowl to transform Eli Manning from draft bust to New York hero.

No team is on the cusp of a Super Bowl run like the Minnesota Vikings. By that, I'm excluding teams like the Patriots, Giants, and Steelers who have recently won Super Bowls, and teams like the Colts and Eagles who are always in contention.

We have the running back. You mention the name A.P or "Purple Jesus" and you get three different types of screams:

A.Opposing defensive coordinators yelling in utter frustrations for the inability to stop him without committing at least 8 defenders with at least 6 of them attacking.

B.Vikings fans letting out warcries resembling those of, well, Vikings after Adrian Peterson turns a 5 yard run into a 50 yard touchdown

C.Fantasy Football owners screaming in their opponents face after getting the number one overall selection.

They have the offensive line. Even without the Harvard-educated, Baltimore-bound Matt Birk, the Vikings march out one of the most feared offensive lines in the league; headed by the now legendary Steve Hutchinson.

They have the receiving corps. With beastly TE Visanthe Shiancoe, speedy Bernard Berrian, the decent-getting better Sidney Rice, and the newly acquired Percy Harvin, the Vikings have a solid group of guys who won't be feared but must be respected.

They have the defense. One of the NFL's top run defenses for the past half decade that features the most star-studded defensive line since the Steel Curtain and Purple People Eaters.

All they need is a Quarterback.

And a coach.

But that's an article in itself.