WWE Raw: Results, Reaction and Analysis for September 23

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistSeptember 23, 2013


Welcome to Bleacher Report's live WWE Monday Night Raw coverage for Sept. 23. Battleground is only two weeks away and WWE has a lot of work ahead of them to set up all the matches that will take place.

We already know that Randy Orton will face Daniel Bryan for the vacant WWE title, while RVD will get another shot at Alberto Del Rio's World title.

Ryback and CM Punk are likely heading towards a showdown, while The Shield and The Usos seem to be the likely WWE Tag title match. Natalya and AJ are the obvious choice for the Divas title match, and Dolph Ziggler is the prime candidate to challenge Dean Ambrose for the US title again after winning a future title shot recently.

Kofi could challenge Curtis Axel for the IC title, and Kane might end up returning to face Bray Wyatt for a second time.

Battleground seems like a PPV that will be mostly rematches, but that isn't always a bad thing if the matches were good to begin with.

If the pay-per-view is anything close to what is listed above then it could end up being a very entertaining show.

What will Triple H do to punish the WWE Superstars this week?

Who, if anyone, will return to set up a new feud before Battleground?

When will Big Show finally snap?

And lastly, will CM Punk get the upper-hand over Paul Heyman and Ryback in his hometown of Chicago?

Make sure to bookmark this page and come back on Monday at the start of WWE Raw for answers to all of these questions and live coverage of all the action!


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