A Blindfolded Mike Tyson Just Hit 2 Dartboard Bull's-Eyes, and It Was Awesome

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 18, 2013

Mike Tyson is still the champ. Only his domination is relegated to hitting a couple of bull's-eyes while blindfolded. 

Still impressive if you ask me. 

Busted Coverage spotted this wonderful moment from the normally cluttered Fox Sports 1's Crowd Goes Wild. The best part is still the always hilarious Katie Nolan, who features alongside Tyson here. 

The legendary boxer turned apparent Hollywood teddy bear is here to try his hand at one of CGW's running gags: tossing a few darts while blindfolded. 

Let's just say I am always skeptical that the athletes are truly blind. I'm still convinced Cedric Ceballos could see when he sprinted down the court to slam dunk back in 1992

Then again, some healthy skepticism is mandated when Nolan asks Tyson if he can see and he seems to say, "a little bit."

Well, he fixes his blindfold, and I truly believe he can't see a thing, which makes the next part pretty remarkable. Now it may not be anything revolutionary, but it made me watch this entire video a second time, and that is truly something. 

Being completely horrible at darts myself, I would be lucky to hit the bull's-eye with a perfect view of the board, so we commend Tyson for once again commanding our attention for something that has absolutely nothing to do with boxing. 

Now anyone who features on the daily show of shouting, hollering and Regis Philbin must note that the only record in sports that matters rests at a whopping 55. 

Try and bring that down, Buster Douglas. 


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