UFC: 10 Worst Title Fights in UFC History

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UFC: 10 Worst Title Fights in UFC History
Buda Mendes/Getty Images

So, what does it take for a UFC title fight to be labeled as “bad?”

Sometimes it is a lack in action; two men who simply won’t engage with the energy due the moment, and when the UFC title is on the line, then yes, there is a moment there due to all the energy two fighters can muster.

Other times it is nothing more than a bad clash of styles that sees both men doing their best, but like oil and water, they just don’t mix.

Whatever the reason, the results are mainly the same; a fight that is lacking that gravitas normally associated, and hoped for, in a title bout.

And this kind of situation can befall any fighter. All are human and thus destined to fail sometimes; it’s intrinsic to the mortal system.

But some system failures are greater than others. Here are 10 fights that prove that to be true.

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