Magnus and Other TNA Stars Who Could Help the WWE Right Now

David LevinSenior Writer IIJuly 28, 2013

Following the press release by Dixie Carter, there must be an uneasy feeling in the TNA locker room.

Carter and her wrestling promotion TNA Impact Wrestling has become something of a sinking ship. Rumors of being unable to pay its wrestlers, failures to reach contract agreements with talent and the release of several key wrestlers like Matt Morgan, Tara and D.O.C. have left fans wondering if this is indeed another case of WCW all over again.

This promotion, which is more than 11 years old, seems to be struggling on life support. While a new TNA World Champion, Chris Sabin, was crowned two weeks ago, the lack of ratings and the failure to remain afloat are real.

In the words of Kurt Angle, it's damn real.

TNA is the niche wrestling program with a cult following, talented wrestlers (Angle, Magnus, Samoa Joe and Austin Aries) and an older WCW/NWA feel to it. For a company that claimed "Wrestling Matters" two years ago and has been trying to make matches count, bring along homegrown talent and challenge the "big brother" WWE to some degree, Carter, Hulk Hogan and the rest of the corporate and creative team have failed miserably.

What happens if TNA folds? Who is left holding the bag, and more importantly, what happens to the wrestlers? 

While Triple H said last week that "TNA has nobody WWE needed" in response to Taz attempting to re-sign with WWE as an announcer before he renegotiated a contract with Carter and the TNA management, some believe that many of the TNA stars could find a home in WWE.

WWE is working on new angles and storylines, and there is always room for improvement. And besides the idea of a Sting move to face The Undertaker (WrestleMania 31, anyone), the reason WWE is losing its edge is loss of continuity and feel for who works well together and who doesn't. That and also the fact that the WWE doesn't have heels who can sell it on a daily basis right now.

Here are seven wrestlers who could help the WWE, regardless of what Triple H may say.


Kurt Angle

Before he retires, Angle must return to the WWE. While he may be TNA's saving grace and still works harder at his age (44) than most wrestlers half his age, the fact remains he needs to retire after returning to the place that gave him his start.



He looks like a million bucks, can wrestle and is under 30. While he is one of the better performers in TNA, think of what he could do with someone like Paul Heyman in his corner.


Any of the Knockouts

Yes, I am serious. Any of the current knockouts—Gail Kim, ODB, Taryn Terrell, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and so oncould help the Divas in so many ways because they wrestle and put it all out there every week.


Bully Ray

The best heel in the business today, bar none. He has really shown how great he can be as a heel and a singles wrestler. If he happened to come to the WWE with Devon, Team 3D could shake up the tag team division.


Austin Aries

Matches involving Aries are some of the best on television. No one sells in TNA like Aries, and his mic skills are awesome. Singles matches with both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would be legendary.


Samoa Joe

Could you see Joe as an enforcer for Paul Heyman or as Brock Lesnar's next opponent? He is one of the toughest wrestlers in the game today. I could also see him brawl with Sheamus and Wade Barrett.



This could do a few things. First, it would help solidify the WWE's commitment to the Latino fans. Second, he could challenge Alberto Del Rio. Third, how many superstars have his size, agility and speed?

As a side note, James Storm, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and Gunner would all be great in an "invasion" style of entrance in the company. They could be the ones to challenge The Shield or even The Wyatts.