Dwight Howard Wouldn't Boost Warriors to NBA Title

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IJuly 3, 2013

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There's something called chemistry that is often forgotten when NBA franchises build teams.

The Golden State Warriors have apparently quickly forgotten about chemistry. That's evident in the fact that they have been talking to franchise-nuisance Dwight Howard.

Marc Stein of ESPN.com tweeted on Wednesday:

Stein added:

It was chemistry that boosted the Warriors past the first round of the playoffs last season. Yes, the Warriors have a lot of young talent and some guy named Stephen Curry, but, the fact of the matter is, Golden State wouldn't have exceeded expectations without buying into coach Mark Jackson's blueprint and developing together, no unnecessary drama attached.

Make no mistake about it, Howard would bring drama to the Warriors. He has consistently brought drama to franchises throughout his career, including the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers, so why would it be any different with Golden State?

Proponents of the move note that Howard—when motivated—is the best center in the NBA. He showed that at times down the stretch for the Lakers last season. And, while Andrew Bogut had some moments last season in the playoffs for the Warriors, you can't exactly expect him to be healthy all of next season and beyond.

Supporters of the move also talk about how the Warriors have some young sharpshooters in Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson who could camp out on the perimeter, making teams pay if they decided to collapse on Howard.

So, yes, both of these points are valid, but that still doesn't change the fact that chemistry would be disrupted. 

Golden State's new management has done a lot right since taking over in 2010. That was evident in the team's success last season, upsetting the Denver Nuggets in the first round and taking the San Antonio Spurs to six games.

But how often have you seen on-the-cusp teams add a high-priced superstar and it ends up blowing up in their face? Heck, even the Lakers, who were supposed to be title contenders with Howard, barely sneaked into the playoffs last season before getting swept by the Spurs in the first round. You may remember that Howard was ejected (fittingly) in the fourth and final game of the series.

The Warriors have done too much right to destroy everything by unloading young talent for Howard. They frankly shouldn't even be discussing a trade for the 27-year-old, and Warriors fans better hope a mega deal doesn't go through for the overrated big man.


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