Flo Rida's Manager Gets Ejected with Cole, Pendergraph in Pacers-Heat Game 7

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistJune 4, 2013

With the final minutes slowly melting off the clock in the Miami Heat's Game 7 win over the Indiana Pacers, a bit of boiling blood led to Norris Cole, Jeff Pendergraph and rapper Flo Rida's manager getting ejected, so it was a pretty normal game.

Pendergraph set a screen on Cole, who tried to run through it a bit aggressively for a 26-point game.

The Pacers' seldom-used big man shoved Cole, the two went back-and-forth a bit and that was just about that. The two were ejected.

Of course, if you watch the fans behind the scrum, you'll see a rather large dude get up and start shouting in Pendergraph's direction.

In the next clip, we find out that he was not only ejected as well, but that he is also Flo Rida's manager.

It was a pretty normal situation for a basketball game in Miami.

@fisolanydn It was your boy Flo Rida's manager!

— J.A. Adande (@jadande) June 4, 2013

The manager is back!!!!

— Jamal Crawford (@JCrossover) June 4, 2013

Flo Rida's manager got ejected. This is where we are right now.

— Roy Burton (@TheBSLine) June 4, 2013

What have Flo Rida and that white-haired woman talked about during the game?

— Eric Freeman (@freemaneric) June 4, 2013

Flo Rida and Justin Bieber were the Game 7 MVPs for the Miami Heat.

— Marcel Mutoni (@marcel_mutoni) June 4, 2013

While it was a bit of a silly exchange, there's no doubt that it was the most exciting part of the second half.

After the Heat went into halftime with a 15-point lead, the hope was the Pacers would at least make a bit of a game out of it.

It wasn't to be, and Flo Rida's manager was all the late-game entertainment that we had at our disposal.

Hopefully this trend continues into the NBA Finals and we get ourselves a bit of a feud between Flo Rida's manager and Selena Gomez's manager, with them ending up in a brutal fist-fight at center court during Game 7.

Oh, and some good basketball. That would be pretty cool too.